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Talent counts, Beauty can be bought – Idols twins Viggy and Virginia respond after being called ugly


Since coming on board, the pea identical Qwabe twins have taken the South African show biz
by storm, they are ready to bag this year’s SA idol award, "we are in it, to win it
"so they say.

The 22 years old twins have caught many hearts, during auditions, and the talent they showcased saw them making it into the top 10 of the singing competition show.
“We love entertaining people. We love being watched and praised,” Virginia told DRUM

Getting into the competition was not without hustles for the twins, they had to contend with
haters. In one of the messages on social media, they were once mocked and called ugly twins. Though their teaser was, however, heavily criticised for the sentiments, the twins showed acts of courage and determination in that they did not let the insults to drag them down.

“I have never seen a talented person not making it to the Idols because they were called ugly. Talent counts, beauty can be bought,” said Virginia in agreement with Viggy.
Virginia went on to say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, added that it should not be her
problem that some can not see the beauty in others. She in fact said if one can not see the
beauty in someone, it means his/ her eye sight is poor somewhere somehow.

“At home our parents, friends, and community gave us all the love we need, and we have
enough to share with people who are unhappy.

“We were raised to love and respect people,” she added.

The twin-sisters are not only identical, but also posses and share unique personal traits and
attributes. They are a strong tag team, and inseparable.
“People try to tear us apart from each other, but they can’t,” said Virginia.
They share a special and unique connection between them. The bond between them drills
down to the moments they shared while still in their mother’s womb, still unborn.
As Viggy puts it; “Maybe marriage is the only thing that will part us.”The twins were born and bred in KwaMlilo, Doornkop in Stranger and their parents Mirriam (51) and Lawrence Qwabe (52) urged them to sing.“Our mom is the one who gave us the music talent, she used to sing in church and continues doing so. That is where we started.

“She used to tell people that when we were young we used to cry harmoniously,” they said. The twins, though they are the only ones in their family to be well known, come from a musical family, their siblings Thule (35), Lungi (30) and Sphiwe (27) also love music.
On a recent walk around, the twins were shocked to be surrounded by fans who were thrilled to see them.

After finishing their matric, while waiting for results, they used the gap to do music, they
compose their own music, and some years back, they did a video of their single Uzong'Khumbula. Viggy said they had been working on music, even before the Idols.

This is the second time they have tried their hands in the Idols, in 2017, they also tried to participate but only to the very early stages. They chickened out from the long queue to the
auditions, and did not even went as far as standing before the judges, Virginia said, during the 2017, edition of the Idols, they were not that ready for the competition.

“This year is our year. We want to win,” said Virginia added that “Even if we do not make it, at
least we would have given the other guys the chance.”

They admitted that the competition has been so tough, added that at times they had to
sacrifice their sleep times, and woke up during the night to write songs, and to do rehearsals.
Virginia added that the most hardest thing in the competition is to face the judges, saying it is not easy to be criticised and still maintain composure.

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