SA's #1 Blesser Serge Cabonge who gives young women money for sex starts own reality show (VIDEO)


After making a number of television appearances in documentaries and news features, Serge Cabonge – aka the ‘International Blesser’ – has finally landed his own reality show

He might just be the most popular blesser in the country (to be fair, he’s one of the few who isn’t shy to reveal his identity) and now he’s about to take his fame to new heights. Serge Cabonge first gained notoriety when he was featured on e.TV’s special feature about blessers, Check Point. For those who aren’t aware, the word ‘blesser’ is a modern take on the age-old (literally) ‘sugar daddy’ – i.e. a wealthy men who uses his money and influence to spoil young girls in exchange for sexual favours.

The word ‘blesser’ rose in prominence between the years 2016 and 2017 and by the time e.TV had caught on, social media users were well versed in exactly what goes on in the #Blessed life.


However, until that fateful evening, not many of us had ever heard how these transactions go down, from the blesser’s point of view – and then Serge emerged.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Congolese businessman has gained a reputation for ‘spoiling’ girls at nightclubs across Johannesburg. His number plate reads “Blesser1” and his Instagram handle is @Only1InternationalBlesser – he’s taking this brand very seriously!

And now, after two years of work, he is finally ready to bring his infamous brand to television.

Taking to Instagram, Serge gave us the first glimpse of his new show when he shared this teaser:

The idea has been in the works since 2017 and nobody will be more delighted to see it come to life than the man himself. Back then, Serge spoke a great length about what kind of show he wanted to produce: “I will have a reality show where my life is on full display. In the show‚ which will also take a Bachelor-like approach‚ you will see what qualities a person has to have to be a blesser or a blessee. I want to correct the existing misconceptions of my kind of lifestyle.”

He also wanted to clarify that there’s more to his relationships with young women than transactional sex: “People will see the fancy shopping and other nice things my girls get‚ but they will also see that being a blesser is about more than transactional sex‚ in fact‚ the aim is that they see that, as a blesser, I care for feelings and drive behind why a woman may want to be my blessee.”


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