I should have listened to Euphonik's advice – Jobless DJ Fresh now living in regret


As the hashtag #BringBackDJFresh resurfaced again this week, DJ Fresh shocked us by revealing his biggest regret: Turning down Euphonik's advice two years ago. Fans read between the lines and deduced he must have been talking about a time when he had the opportunity to move to one of Gauteng's biggest radio stations, 94.7 FM.

At the time of writing, it has been off air for the past 20 days (since June the 12th 2019) and judging by the noises he's making, along with the complete lack of noise on Metro FM's part, it may be some time until we hear him on The Fresh Breakfast — if ever!

DJ Fresh was indefinitely suspended from all on-air duties after he was reported to the BCCSA for swearing on air on the 20th of May. During his morning show, the DJ claimed that one of his listeners was speaking "Msunery" while accusing another one of speaking through his a**. These two swear words might not be the worst we've ever heard, but they certainly don't count as "broadcast friendly" and when the complaint was laid against him, Metro FM took harsh action by hooking him from his own show.

Fair as the punishment may have been initially, after nearly 3 weeks it seems as if there is something more sinister going on at Metro FM. Many people suspect that the higher powers are unhappy with DJ Fresh for other reasons than the two swear words he said on air, and they are now punishing him.

DJ Fresh, who has hinted at his unhappiness throughout this whole saga, spoke about it again on Monday afternoon when the hashtag #WhenMyGutSaid was trending on social media. Except this time, nobody could have predicted what he was about to confess when he said:

Although it was clear that he was hinting at something to do with his current situation at Metro FM, many people were curious as to what the advice the Euphonik gave him might have been.

Two years ago, DJ Fresh famously revealed that he had turned down a massive paycheck from the Primedia Towers in Sandton who had offered him a blockbuster slot on their flagship commercial station, 947.

At the time, DJ Fresh cited his reasons to Tshisa Live by saying, "I turned it down it because I want to service people. And the best way I could get that was at Metro," And just in case you didn't think that this tweet was linked to DJ Fresh's current saga…

Do you think we will ever hear DJ Fresh on Metro FM (or any other station) again?


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