Rapper AKA shocks fans, reveals who he is going to vote for in the 2019 elections


With the elections only a few months away, you can bet the Twitter streets will be filled with "influencers" sharing their two cents on everything politics, and AKA is one of the few that have already began.

The rapper, who has always been open to sharing his political affiliation and his faves among politicians, took to Twitter this week to share his current observation regarding the ANC.

AKA started off by declaring that his X will go next to the ruling party in the coming elections, but admitted that he was sure why.

The rapper, whose tweets quickly got the attention of tweeps and saw a large number of people engaging, went on to add that he was willing to personally "take some questions" that are meant for the ANC leadership, and demand answers on his followers' behalf.

"Over the next few months you’re going to see a lot of fist pumping and campaigning. If you consider yourself a cadre and want someone to give you actual answers, tweet me over the next few months and I’ll try get some from leadership," AKA offered.

He also encouraged everybody to vote, no matter who they were thinking of casting a vote for.

Along with support from some of his followers, his tweets attracted backlash from tweeps who felt he was was being "fake woke".

Soon the rapper was defending his "freedom of expression and political affiliation" on these streets, explaining that just like Steve Biko he'll write what he like on Twitter or any other platform.

Feeling that he's said all he needed to say on the matter, the rapper reminded tweeps to choose a struggle and stick to it.

"Don’t tell celebs to stay out of politics and then complain when you need them to speak out and they don’t," he said. Apparently for no price either.


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