Mshoza undergoes surgery to get bigger breasts, bigger lips, nose jobs and now bigger booty


New breasts, bigger lips, nose job, new cheeks – she’s done it all. She’s also become an ambassador for skin lightening and disregarded all the criticism that came with it.

Now South African kwaito star Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi, has gone under the knife again – this time to get a bigger booty.

“Yho! I was a seshwapa [had a flat bum] from a very young age. I didn’t even have breasts and I think that’s why people thought I was a tomboy when I actually wasn’t,” the Kortes hitmaker tells DRUM. She’s changed her looks drastically since she hit the music scene more than 10 years ago, and she’s not done, she says.

“I’m generally very conscious of beauty and my body,” the 35 year old explains. “I don’t like feeling ugly, and if I want to have a certain look I get it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hence, I decided to make my bum bigger.”

It all started when she developed pregnancy-induced hyperpigmentation – a common but temporary condition that causes women to develop dark patches on the face and neck – after giving birth to her second child, Junior Mnisi, 8.

Mshoza decided to lighten her skin, and since then she’s had a variety of procedures in search of the perfect body. It’s not an obsession, she tells DRUM. “I mean I understand addicts never really know or acknowledge their addiction, but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it. I just change the things I want to – it’s not that deep.” And she’s not making the changes for anyone but herself.

“Not any man or my supporters – they’re for me. I became famous and successful before all of these changes, so I don’t need to be a ‘yellow bone’ to make it in this industry.”

Mshoza did the buttock augmentation (bum implants), in December 2017 but she’s still not happy with the results, she shares. “I got the biggest size offered in South Africa. But it’s still small, so I’m going to make them bigger in Brazil now,” she says with a proud smile.

“I’m not 100% happy yet. I’m going to make my bum even bigger then remove all my teeth and install a completely new set soon. Once that is done I’ll be closer to perfection,” she says. When will she know she’s reached perfection? “I want to wake up in the morning and not need to put on make-up. I just want to be able to go to the shops without having to stress about how I look, you know?”

Mshoza has a special fund set aside to fulfil her body goals. The procedures are quite expensive, she says. “I know what I want to look like, and I understand that it will cost me quite a lot of money “And people always ask where I get the money from – I work! That’s where the money to do all these things comes from. I’m a musician, I have a record label and I’m pushing other businesses as well.” She doesn’t know the full price of her procedures but “my entire body is worth over a million”. “My doctor gives me discounts and stuff because I’m a regular,” she says laughing.

“But I do know that it’s quite expensive.” The procedure is not just expensive, it also takes a lot of time to heal.

“Sometimes I have to take a break from work. I remember when I was healing from the bum implants [six weeks] it took what seemed like forever to heal. I couldn’t walk properly or even sit down on my bum – I was always lying on my belly,” she says. She had to be carried to the car if she needed to go somewhere. “

I remember my son (Junior) felt like the man of the house because mommy was ‘sick’, so he would ‘protect’ me,” she says. “My daughter, Pride Mnisi, 10, was also very possessive. She wouldn’t let the person I hired to help me dress me after a bath. She would say, ‘No, I’ll do it, this is my mommy’ and then turn around and ask for help from the same person when she was struggling,” Mshoza recalls fondly.

The children live with her first husband, Jacob Mnisi, while Mshoza works. “He’s such a blessing to our children. I’m so grateful. My kids understand that mommy is busy building an empire for them, and I see them quite often. That’s why I work so tirelessly – for them.”

With two failed marriages and months of alleged abuse in her previous relationship, Mshoza hasn’t given up on finding her happy ever after, she tells DRUM. “Of course I still believe in love – love did nothing to me, it’s the people that did.

I’m a romantic and a strong believer in giving and receiving love. The fact that I’ve been through some traumatic experiences will never make me stop.” She’s learnt a few lessons though, and she’s applying them in her current relationship.

“Yes, I’m in a relationship and I’m trying out love again,” she says with a smile. “What’s different this time is that I’m learning to put myself first. I will no longer go into something thinking I can change people. That’s not my job. Mine is to put myself first so the next person knows how to treat me just by seeing how I treat myself.”

Mshoza sees herself marrying a man who’s respectful to women, not too uptight, very handsome and a “gangster gentleman”. “And by ‘not too uptight’ I mean he mustn’t try to dictate my life and project his insecurities on me – like, ‘Don’t do this, don’t talk to so and so’ etc. He must understand Mshoza is a brand, and he isn’t in a relationship with her but with Nomasonto.”

With all the changes she’s making on the outside she’s still the same person inside, she insists. She’s the same Mshoza who just wants to make music for her fans, and be a good mother to her kids. As she puts it, she wants to be “a loving wife to an amazing man and one day maybe win a BET award.

– Drum

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