Nasty fight erupts after businessman impregnated leading Generations actress who loves too much beer


A leading Generations: The Legacy actress has been branded an alcohol abuser and an irresponsible mother by her baby daddy as their legal battle for the custody of their minor child gets ugly.

The baby daddy, a prominent businessman, has gone to the unusual extent of asking the court to track the movements of the actress through her cellphone location to monitor the areas she visits when she is with their child. He said the actress must be tightly monitored when it was her turn to spend time with their child to make sure she was not intoxicated.

“I have recently become aware that the respondent has been seriously abusing alcohol, and am extremely worried that this is rendering her incapable of looking after (name of child withheld) properly, and is, in fact, resulting in emotional harm to (child) and presents danger that respondent will, while under the influence of alcohol, transport (child) in her car,” he said in his affidavit.

All these details are contained in an application filed by the businessman in the South Gauteng High Court in Joburg two weeks ago. The businessman, who stated that he was currently residing with the child, asked the court to issue an order conferring him sole custody of the child and an order with restrictive rights to the mother.

In the same application, the businessman also exposed that the actress, who is known to Sunday World but cannot be named to protect the identity of the child, was having a romantic relationship with a famous actor, whose name is also known to Sunday World.

The businessman described the actor as his baby mama’s live-in boyfriend and revealed that he (businessman) had tried to contact him on several occasions when he could not reach his ex-lover.

He also claimed in the papers that the two love birds’ lifestyle and their home in the north of Joburg was not conducive for raising children, stating that the two were always drunk in the presence of his child.

“Applicant will seek an order with the following terms:

● Any contact session may be terminated by applicant if the respondent is found to have been using alcohol or drugs before or during a contact session;

● During that contact sessions, respondent is to share her location with applicant (or applicant’s chosen appointee) by means of the ‘share location’ on respondent’s cellphone, and respondent is to answer her cellphone if telephoned by applicant during a contact session so that applicant may satisfy himself that all is well with … and that respondent is sober,” reads the order.

This, the papers say, would only happen if a psychologist confirmed the businessman’s claims about the actress.

In the same application, the businessman further said that the actress could visit their daughter at his home provided that she has no plans to take her outside his affluent estate.

If the businessman’s prayers were to be answered by the court, the actress would not be allowed to have sleep-over contact with her child until she proves to the court that she had dealt with her alleged binge drinking habits.

The baby daddy and the actress were not available for comment.

– Sunday World

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