Prophet Bushiri (worth $150 million) says he can cure HIV and Cancer and can make blind people see


Africa is full of so-called prophets who have found fame and fortune by performing miracles in the name of God, but few are as popular and as wealthy as Shepherd Bushiri, a 30-something superstar from Malawi. But then again, few pastors can pull off the kinds of miracles that Bushiri is famous for – walking on air, curing virtually any disease or disability and even communicating with angels.

Known as “Major One”, Shepherd Bushiri has come a long way since his humble beginnings, growing up in Mzuzu, a city in northern Malawi. He is now regarded as one of the hottest Christian evangelical preachers in the world, sells out entire stadiums wherever he goes and isn’t ashamed to capitalize on his fame. In fact, he claims that being successful and rich is actually an inspiration to his followers, a sign that if God can make it happen for him, He can definitely do it for them as well.

He is a jet-setting preacher who boasts he can walk on air, summon angels and cure cancer calls his incredible £100m fortune ‘miracle money.’Malawi -conceived Shepherd Bushiri packs out monstrous scenes over the world because of his a huge number of dedicated adherents.

It’s not amazing the dubious sacred man has an expected total assets of $150m (£105m). What’s more, in spite of cases he is a cheat, Bushiri is as yet one of the “most blazing tickets” on the minister circuit. Those that can’t influence his live shows to need to manage with his tremendously prevalent YouTube site Prophetic Channel TV. It is home to unusual clasps asserting to indicate him helping the injured walk, the visually impaired see and the recuperating of those with HIV.

One video which shows worshippers ‘collapse in ecstasy as angels appear’ alongside Bushiri has been watched by millions. Particularly popular clips tell Bushiri’s legions of followers how to fight demons, find love, and, of course, get rich. However, it was a clip of the South Africa-based prophet ‘walking on air’ in 2015 which has become infamous. Although, many saw it as a sign that he is truly the ‘chosen one’ others say it just proves he’s bogus.

His reputation was also rocked in 2016 when a woman came forward to say she had been paid to lie about miracles. She said Bushiri paid a string of actors to stage being healed during his sermons. Allegations denied by the pastor. Botswana even shut down one of his churches reportedly due to claims his “miracle money” appears by magic.

They are allegations the 30-something Bentley-driving preacher – known as the Major One- is aware of and casually shrugs off. “My ministry is not for everyone, it is for those who have faith,” he told reporters.

Bushiri bizarrely claims:

– He can cure cancer
– He can make the blind see
– He can summon angels
– He can heal HIV with prayer
– He can magic up money
– He can ‘cure’ the disabled

“I’m just a messenger of God’s work. God heals people in our meetings. “One time I got doctors here to bring patients with HIV – they tested them before to show they are HIV.

“I prayed for them and again afterwards and now they were HIV-negative.” After being labelled a fake, over his stage levitating he invited cameras into his home to prove he’s for real. However, the resulting video did little to improve his credibility among his doubters. The footage starts with Bushiri – his arms held aloft – walking down a wooden staircase.

At one phase his feet are obviously observed dangling mid-air, however so are the shadows of those holding him high up! The video has been seen almost 500,000 times after it was transferred to YouTube by his supporters They said the “hair-raising” execution had left the “Christian world thunder-struck.” It added to the legend of a man who claims he was gone by an errand person of God when he was 10.

One thing that is certain about the father-of-two is exactly how far he has gone from his poor childhood in Mzuzu, in northern Malawi. Throughout the years he has amassed immense riches and now possesses a few mines, four private planes and various inns. When he purchased his most recent £25m Gulf Stream fly, he was educated he was the most youthful individual to purchaset he show. His developing arrangement of belonging, including houses crosswise over Africa, is overseen by his specialist spouse Mary.

Be that as it may, he is a long way from embarrassed about his fortune and blames the individuals who say he is profiteering of being bigot.

“My prosperity ought to move individuals to be business people,” he says. “I am a specialist and that is separate from being a prophet. My thriving is from private organizations. Such inquiries are not solicited from pioneers from white places of worship but rather when an African man thrives, at that point it’s an issue.”

In spite of the fact that ticket deals make up an expansive piece of Bushiri’s salary, similar to every single great brand he likewise has his stock. Although his fortune has not been made public,it was reported that Bushiri is worth around $150 million. That may be an exaggeration, but he definitely had enough money to buy his six-year-old daughter a Maserati Levante for her birthday. Typical man of God behaviour, am I right?

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