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Kwaito singer Mshoza reveals shocking plans: I'm going to Brazil for a bum lift cosmetic surgery


Kwaito star Mshoza has just revealed that she plans on having even more cosmetic surgery done – despite the strong reaction to some of her treatments in previous years.

Mshoza has never been afraid to go under the knife if it means that she will be a step closer to her perfect body.

The Ayina Chorus star has admitted to skin bleaching and lip filling procedures but nothing comes close to what we saw on her 2016 graphic documentary-like feature on MTV. Mshoza was filmed undertaking a gruesome procedure which she hoped would have her looking like Nicki Minaj.

Fast forward to 2018 (which has been a rollercoaster of a year for the singer) and it’s tough to spot many imperfections on Mshoza’s body. Her face, hips, breasts and skin tone appear to be exactly as she designed them to be – smooth, round and well-proportioned. But the singer is not done just yet.

In an interview on Drum magazine’s video feature Unscripted, Mshoza spoke about her plans to go to Brazil to have a bum lift.

She responded to the question by saying: “My management has been keeping me so busy so I think I’ll do that early next year. I’m releasing my album next year. I just ask that on my birthday week, yes I’ll be going on a vacation, can I go do this, when the album comes out maybe I’ll be healed.

“I went back to my doctor and he said ‘In South Africa we don’t do that’ so I’m going to Brazil to do that.”

We’re not sure how Mzansi is going to react to the next phase of cosmetic treatment that Mshoza is due to undergo, but one person who understands why she would go to these lengths is Zodwa Wabantu.

Earlier in 2018, Zodwa suggested that celebrities like Mshoza and Khanyi Mbau (who also has a penchant for cosmetic surgery) are driven to altering their bodies because society doesn’t accept them for who they are.

In an interview with Tshisa Live she said: “I think it’s kind of sad because most celebrities, even international celebs, go under the knife because they end up believing that they are ugly. Someone told them over and over that they are ugly and not enough. These people are relentless.”

You can watch Mshoza’s full unscripted interview where she talks about her bum surgery, as well as that Sangoma debacle below:

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