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Slay queens wearing weaves and with long nails bay for Zodwa Wabantu's blood


Zodwa Wabantu says that the "weave-wearing, long acrylic nailed slay queens" are baying for her blood and she wants to understand why she bothers them so much?

The entertainer took to her Instagram page this week to address the slay queens in a brief video, and told them exactly where to get off.

"I may wear the same old sneakers, same dress and same jacket but I'm worth more than that. It's just that I know what I want in life. Besides, you fear me either way. Even in my old dress, sneakers and jacket, you are still intimidated by me. Why is that? Why would I walk into a room and suddenly you start making noise? Why?"

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa explained that she has never attacked them in any way and didn't understand why her success bothered them so much.

"You know when you walk into a place and you can just feel the hateful eyes on you? It's like people suddenly can't breathe because here is this woman who they think shouldn't be getting all this money and attention, but she is.

"I make them uncomfortable for some reason. But it's not really my fault, I have the things I have because I work hard and I know how to use what I have. Just because they have to compromise their identities to get half of what I get, that isn't my problem"

Zodwa said she has never been the "on fleek" kind of woman, but could compete if she wanted to.

"With the kind of money I make, if I was anybody else I would have bought myself a Peruvian weave and all the other things they have. But I haven't done so because that's not my thing."

Watch her mini address below:

– Tshisalive

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