I'll always love you: #IdolsSA judge Unathi Msengana tells ex-hubby Thomas who dumped her for cheating


Although Unathi Nkayi and Thomas Msengana are no longer together, there's definitely still a great connection between them.

Unathi has taken to Instagram to share that her ex remains the love of her life. In a recent post, the singer and Idols SA judge wrote a heartfelt message about turning 40. In the same note, she said: "I am the mother of Sinako and Imbo Msengana who too were conceived in love with the man who remains the love of my life."

News about the couple's split became public in 2017 after Unathi confirmed it to eNCA. When asked if they were still together, she said: "No." She added that they're in a good place.

A few months ago, the media personality admitted to City Press that the separation was hard. "He was my best friend. Once you are married it's not a decision you make overnight, to separate from your partner. It's always something you've considered for years," Unathi told the publication.

She added that by the time the media found out about the split, she had already dealt with it.

The former Metro FM DJ and Idols judge Unathi Msengana confirmed last year for the first time that she was separated from her long-term husband, Thomas ‘Bad Boy T’ Msengana.

At the time, rumours had been doing the rounds for several months that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks. The pair had been married since 2009 and have two children together.

Several people have blasted Unathi for not caring about her marriage, because she is now so rich. Others are of the opinion that her husband didn't deserve all this as he has been with Unathi through thick and thin.

He was there before Unathi started rolling in the money. And you know how Madi knows that? Judging by Unathi’s charcoal armpits on Idols, she must have been using that LSM 4 roll-on with the dancing figurines way back in the day before she could afford better brands. And guess what: he was there for her.

Unathi is a compassionate judge on Idols SA. But in her marriage, she was the one under the spotlight . . .And her hubby was unhappy with her performance!

According to the first mole, Bad Boy T was having sleepless nights at the thought of his wife having s2x with her personal trainer.

Said the mole: "Things are bad. He smells a rat. In fact, he suspects there’s something between them and he doesn’t like it one bit."

A second source said Bad Boy T was turned off by the idea of Unathi cheating on him.

"He’s been upset. No married man wants his woman spending too much time with another man. Family has been roped in to try and save their marriage, and they’re trying hard to fix it. They lead separate lives," said the source.

But a third friend said: "Unathi is gatvol with Thomas. She discovered disturbing things in his life. Yes, it involves a third party.

"She’s confronted him many times before about this issue," said the source.

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