Former Miss SA Basetsana Kumalo in nasty fight with former prostitute Jackie Phamotse AGAIN


The catfight between businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo and author Jackie Phamotse is far from over.

This comes after the former Miss SA filed another case against Phamotse, a retired self-confessed prostitute for violating a court order.

Kumalo, who was engaged in a heated legal battle five months ago to gag Phamotse from spreading sensational allegations against her husband Romeo Kumalo, opened a case of contempt of court at Midrand police station on Tuesday, claiming that her adversary had violated the court order she obtained against her.

The former beauty queen, who owns a production company that produces popular reality TV show Our Perfect Wedding among her series of businesses, took the latest legal action after Phamotse allegedly claimed she was writing a new book about the wealthy celebrity couple.

She told Sunday World through her lawyers Phamotse must behave or else…

“There is a court order against Phamotse and criminal charges have been laid against her. If she breaches the court order in any way, our client will take action against her both civil and criminal in nature. If Phamotse has no regard for court orders, then she behaves at her peril,” said Kumalo’s attorney Ian Levitt.

Kumalo and her family had successfully obtained the order in July barring Phamotse from posting anything about them on social media.

The legal action was instituted after Phamotse’s controversial tweet in which she suggested there exists a sex video in which Romeo featured.

“Just overheard a painful conversation, a female TV mogul pleading with one of my girls to not share videos of her drunk and her husband (sic) rimming a celebrity boy !!!!!!!!! What the hell !!!! Kanti, what kind of marriages do we have now!!! I have asked to see this video,” she had posted.

Although she did not name the pair, her followers alleged the Kumalo’s were the couple mentioned! But Phamotse, who enjoys celebrity status on social media owing to her heavy following on Twitter, was not fazed by Kumalo’s sharpened claws.

“There’s no court order that says I’m not allowed to write a book. It just said that I’m not allowed to write or post anything about her name on social media,” said Phamotse.

She confirmed that she did an interview with numerous media houses about writing a book but denied that she said the book was about the celebrity couple.

“What if I’m writing a book about the case or in fact my experience on the case or about the judge? Why does she think that the book is about her? The court order does not say ‘don’t write a book or speak about the case’. The book is my work and my career,” said Phamotse.

When asked if the police had paid her a visit in connection with the new case opened by Kumalo, Phamotse said she was not aware of the matter as no one had contacted her.

According to an affidavit deposed by Kumalo and seen by Sunday World, she alleged that Phamotse had gone against the court order by informing a publication that she was planning to write a book about her and her husband.

“On Sunday 28 October 2018 at about 10h30, I was at my residential place, I logged onto Twitter to see what was happening only to discover that Jackie Phamotse is saying that she is writing a book about my husband Romeo Kumalo and myself,” said Kumalo in the affidavit.

She said that despite Phamotse having being served with the final order and acknowledging it, she had chosen to disregard it by saying that she was writing a book about her family. Jackie Phamotse‚ author of controversial book Bare‚ had to call police for help when she allegedly realised she was being followed by two cars.

Jackie‚ who recently celebrated signing onto Rosie Motene’s company Waka Agency‚ claimed that she had been followed on Monday. “I was driving from Braamfontein to Pretoria for a meeting but I had noticed throughout the day there were two cars that were following me,” she told TshisaLIVE.

“Everywhere I went‚ these two cars were there.”

She said the realisation kicked in when the cars were parked near her meeting location. This after she had done multiple reroutes to try to dodge the two Jeeps.

However‚ Jackie said she continued with her plans but soon realised her life might be in danger as one car drove in front of her‚ with the other following just behind.

The author explained that she called the police to escort her.

“We had to get an escort from the highway all the way to my house.”

Jackie’s new book cover, I tweet what I like, was launched on Thursday. She told TshisaLIVE this is a totally different project from Bare and will use real names of real life prominent people.

After the controversy sparked by Bare‚ the internet has been waiting in anticipation for the big reveal.

– Sundayworld

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