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Skeem Saam actress Inno Sadiki impregnated by her church pastor spills more about her new baby


Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki and her hubby Phindulo welcomed their second child earlier this month and are loving every moment with their new bundle of joy.

Ntombana Mukonanyi Sadiki was born on October 20 and weighed 3,6 kgs. And just as all children, Ntombana (a name dedicated to Innocent's late mother) and Mukonanyi (which means "the mediator" in Tshivenda) has lit up the Sadiki household.

Her mom and dad told TshisaLIVE about her welcome invasion, how she arrived and what her presence has done for them and their families.

Are you still sticking to the name you had picked already?

Innocent: Definitely. U don’t give names to later change them. She’s got beautiful meaningful names that signifies a lot. My daughters both have my late mother's names. And have Venda names that rhyme and have a beautiful meaning.

Phindulo: Yes! I absolutely love her names. I tried to think of a name and I couldn't come up with one, so my wife did it. I think she was just afraid I'd end up calling my child Josephina or Paulina or something so she just stepped in. LOL!

How was the journey of giving birth this time around?

Innocent: Even if I wanted to write a book about the experience I would not do justice to what a journey it was. All I can say is ‘I did it’! What I’m most happy about is that I had the two most important people in my life to support me. My husband and my twin sister Millicent Mashile.

Phindulo: This time around I was supposed to be preaching at a wedding in Venda for one of our church members and I remember around 9pm, I wanted to iron my pants but she kept insisting. After ironing, she said please let's go to the hospital. I stopped every time she had a contraction on the highway! Me and her twin sister stayed up the whole night until she gave birth.

How different was it to the first time?

Innocent: The first one was beautiful, I had a c-section so in terms of the process it wasn’t as dramatic. With this one it’s a movie playing right in front of your eyes. Also with this one I feel like a woman because I went through what is called the ‘most painful experience of a woman’s life’. I feel like a woman now. I deserve this title of being called mommy.

Phindulo: The first we literally just drove to hospital and she got there and gave birth. Boom!

How do you feel in this moment?

Innocent: I’m still recovering but I’m enjoying every second of being a mother again. Everything is different I’m older, wiser, I have experience and I'm just ready. I'm embracing it and loving it. I’m so proud to be a mother of two.

Phindulo: It's exciting and surreal. To be a second time dad and to be a father now to two daughters. It's amazing. I love my girls!

Can you already tell who she looks like?

Innocent: She looks exactly like her older sister. From birth, it’s actually scary. Both families are just shocked at how possible is it that these kids look so alike. People were sending me picture comparisons and saying ‘can u spot the difference?

So yes, I have a lot of moments were I feel like I don’t have a new baby, it’s like the same baby, who came at a different time. It’s amazing. I love it!

Phindulo: People say my daughters look like me, but I don't see it. I think they look like themselves!

You are now a family of four, how does that make you feel?

Innocent: Like I’m really married and there’s no turning back. It feels like I have accomplished a lot in terms of building a family. I’m proud of myself that I’m a family woman and that I prioritised my family in the mist of work, school and other things.

Also four is such an even number. Might consider having one more in future, why not? Family is key, and this shows me that I have progressed in life and I’m building a legacy! I had all the intentions of building the Sadiki name, I still do. I love them and I’m here to stay.

Phindulo: It's exciting, I'm happy and I'm content. I think God is good and I see it in my life everyday!

-Times live

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