Nathi Mankayi in nasty divorce drama with manager China Mpololo, singer even moered China


NATHI MANKAYI and his manager China Mpololo once had a great relationship. But all good things tend to come to an end . . .

These are the words of insiders, who claim the award-winning singer even moered China. Citing the drama played out at China’s offices in Sandton, north of Jozi, an informant claimed the fallout, which took place a week ago, was the result of a money dispute.

Said an informant: “Nathi went to China with his homeboys from the Eastern Cape to demand his money, and they ended up taking China’s Range Rover.”

About his Range Rover being seized by Nathi, China denies: “I have my car. He’ll never take my car.”

The source further said: “Nathi is angry because China owes him an undisclosed amount of money. They’ve been working together since Nathi branched away from Ghetto Ruff/Muthaland to start his own company. It’s clear they’re fighting over a lot of money.”

Another source said China was surprised by Nathi’s move. Insisted the source: “China is still shaking because he never expected Nathi to do something like this to him. It’s unclear how much they’re fighting over. Nathi might be an artist, but he still believes in sorting out people street-style.”

When called for comment, China said he normally didn’t comment on his issues in the media. But he insisted there were issues he needed to address. According to the manager, trouble started when he fired Nathi from his company. China said he sacked the singer for bad conduct, which Nathi allegedly never took kindly to.

Asserted China: “He became aggressive and annoying.”

China confirmed Nathi and him had gone their separate ways, but said they’d be working together on their outstanding gigs.

“We have a contract and, because I respect clients, we’ll work until we finish our outstanding gigs. After that, we’re done.”

Asked about the allegation of owing Nathi a lot of money, China said: “I don’t owe him, he owes us money. Nathi can’t even manage his own finances. What money can I owe him? Even for this gig, I paid for his flights, simply because I care about the client.”

China said Nathi and his people broke into and vandalised his office, and even bullied him.

Asked if he fought back, the manager said: “I’m not an ex-con or a thug. I don’t take the law into my own hands. I went to the Sandton Police Station and opened a case against him and his thugs. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to end things amicably. Nathi is really unbearable to work with.”

China said he’d tried everything in his power to make Nathi a better person.

“Remember, we resuscitated his career when it was dead and channels were closed for him.”

Nathi was not available for comment.

– Sundaysun

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