Mshoza joins Kelly Khumalo, Boity Thulo, Shoki Mmola and Letoya Makhene in becoming a celeb sangoma


CONTROVERSIAL kwaito star, Mshoza, real name, Nomasonto Maswanganyi, recently announced that she will be undergoing training to become a traditional healer. She will be stepping away from the limelight for a few weeks to fully focus on her training early next year. Mshoza, who is currently on the road promoting her latest single, Ayina Chorus, tells Move! that she battled with her calling for years.


Mshoza explains that this is something she has to do as she doesn’t want the bad luck surrounding her to worsen. She adds that one of her biggest fears is that if she doesn’t go through with ukuthwasa, she might end up passing her calling to her kids. Her gobela is none other than the equally controversial Thulani ‘Dr 3 Seconds’ Nkwanyana, a well-known sangoma in KwaZulu-Natal.

She says he put everything in perspective for her and told her what to do in order to fully answer her calling. Dr 3 Seconds came into the spotlight in 2016 after he was accused of using ‘untoward methods’ to help Maskandi star, Mshoza become an overnight sensation after he won the SABC Summer Song of The Year of 2016.

“Dr 3 Seconds has been my main source of help and also agreed to be my gobela. After I met with him, everything made sense and I knew what was expected of me. He’s the one who advised that I do ceremonies for my family members to ask for their guidance on the journey I’m about to embark on,” says Mshoza. Dr 3 Second admits he is Mshoza’s gobela, but refused to comment further. He says the matter is confidential as it is a sangoma-client matter.


Mshoza explains that she always knew she had a gift as she could see things a lot of people did not.

“When I was a kid, I had a bad dream about my neighbour being killed in a certain way, only to wake up to find out my neighbour had been killed in the exact same way I dreamt. These little signs about my calling have been popping up throughout my life, but I kept ignoring them until recently when a friend of mine advised that I see someone regarding my visions,” she says.

Religious expert, Dr Nokuzola Mndende of Icamagu Institute, an institution which aims to revive indigenous African spirituality, says having an ancestral calling runs in the genes.

Mshoza explains that her grandmother’s sister was a well-known and respected sangoma in KZN, while her late mother also had the calling, but didn’t want to embrace it due to her religious beliefs. “My mother also had the calling, but refused to honour it because of her devotion to Christianity. This made it harder for me to get a full understanding of my visions because we were brought up in a God-fearing household and no one took my visions seriously,” says Mshoza.


Mshoza recently shared a picture on Instagram of items used by sangomas for rituals. She said it was a ceremony to appease her grandmother’s sister.

“All those things in the picture are almost everything my granny (her grandmother’s sister) loved. The ceremony is called ‘ilata’ where we celebrate the lives of the family members who are no longer with us.

I have to do two more ceremonies for my uncle and mother before the year ends. I also want to sort out my businesses for the time I won’t be available due to the training.” She adds that she would still honour all the bookings and commitments she made before going for her training. But she won’t be accepting any new gigs in the beginning of next year so that she can focus fully on her calling.


It seems songstress Kelly Khumalo has taken also made the decision to honour her ancestral journey. The star sparked speculation when she posted a picture on Instagram of herself in what followers believed was attire worn by traditional healers. In the photo, she is seen wearing a traditional sangoma cloth and crystal clear beads around her neck. The comment section was soon overflowing with fans congratulating her on answering her calling, with some even saying she has inspired them to honour their own gifts.


Mshoza and Kelly aren’t the only ones who have answered their callings. Skeem Saam's Shoki Mmola has been a practising traditional healer for several years and is vocal about her gift. In 2015, actress Lerato Mvelase opened up about her sangoma training.

Late last year, kwaito star L’vovo shocked the nation after he went on a five-month spiritual journey in KZN because it was an instruction his gogo received and passed onto him.

Generations actress, Letoya Makhene, has been the most vocal celebrity when it comes to her calling. She evens applauds other celebrities who have come out about their ancestral callings.

She is of the few who decided to practise as a sangoma. After weeks of speculation, Boity Thulo confirmed the sangoma rumours in 2016 with an Instagram post where she shared a picture of herself wearing traditional ancestral clothing. In 2016, The Soil's Buhlebendalo Mda took a break from music because of her calling. Uzalo’s actress Dawn King also sent shockwaves when she opened up about her calling.

It is easy to think that celebrities are using ukuthwasa as a publicity stunt or the latest trend because of the ongoing list of celebrities who are openly coming out about their ancestral calling. But Dr 3 seconds explains that usually these celebrities run away from their calling and only get to fully honour the matter when things start falling apart in their lives.

“A calling is something you’d know you have from an early age but now these celebrities run away or ignore the ancestral calling. When things start going badly, that’s where they’ll start searching for answers and guidance,” he concludes.

– Move

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