Single mother and Generations actress Manaka says she is only after sex, not marriage!


Not only is she a bubbly character on Generations The Legacy, in real life, Manaka, is also as effervescent.

However, the actress told Azania Mosaka on Real Talk on 3 that she is totally different from the character that she plays on the SABC 1 drama.

“I am different from Lucy, her character bothers me a lot and I don’t enjoy it. I am Lucy when I am on set and once the director says cut, I am Manaka,” she said.

The veteran actress who has appeared on many television shows said acting is not a hobby as some would think, but it is a profession and one needs to go for acting classes to enhance their acting skills before stepping on stage or in front of the camera.

Manaka also said that acting back in the day was hard for women as many were sexually assaulted in order to get a role and some women were looked down upon.

“Acting is work, like a lawyer or a doctor. As for myself, I was not taught to get into character, but one needs to go for acting classes and find an agency. Back then the film industry was stifled for women, women were sexually assaulted to get roles and if we are to take our mothers in the industry to talk they will say a lot of the things that happened back then,”

The actress who was passionate about journalism and becoming a television newsreader said her dream was cut short when she became an actress and she joked on it saying maybe she will report the television news in heaven.

Ranaka also opened up about not being under pressure to get married as she hasn’t found a loyal partner and that she recently got dumped by her boyfriend.

She also said that she does not nag her daughters’ daddies for maintenance and she has never been to maintenance court. The entertainer also revealed that in a relationship she is only after sex, and not marriage because she was not designed to get married.

"I was not born to get married, I was born to breathe. A lot of men are not loyal. I only date and I date quite a lot, " said the actress.

“I haven’t dragged anyone to maintenance court if someone wants to contribute, it's fine, and if they don’t want, that is their choice. Besides they are not bad people. Men don’t want to be loyal and I recently got dumped coming from a trip," she revealed.

Furthermore, Manaka said that she confides in her grandmother who she tells all her secrets too, she also shared that her granny was relieved that she didn’t hear the news of her recent fake death or she was going to suffer a heart attack.

Manaka is a mother of two daughters and she describes herself as a pantsula mum who is uncomfortable in high heels and makeup.

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