Mshoza speaks on how her jealous ex-husband ruined her life after hacking into her social media accounts


If you’re a fan of Mshoza and follow her on social media, you’d know that she recently deleted her Instagram account with thousands of followers and started a new one. Mshoza has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and while she has been able to sustain her stardom, her romantic relationships seemingly tend to get sour once they become public.

In a recent interview on Afternoon express, the musician revealed that she had to start new social media pages after her ex-husband hacked into her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and emails.

“It was hacked into, my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails, to a point where my office had to stop because everything was taken, so I’m starting everything from scratch…but it’s ok you know…sometimes you have to start from scratch, new life new everything, and probably new friends…new fans…got myself new fans, so sometimes it’s ok to start from scratch.”

It seems this year is also a very busy one for Mshoza. Just a few weeks after releasing her single, Ayina Chorus getting bum implants and working on her latest album, Mshoza has also confirmed that she is going through “Ukuthwasa” in order to become a sangoma (traditional healer).

The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to confirm that she is indeed preparing to be a sangoma but also stressed that she still believes in God and still prays to Him.

“Yes, I didn’t believe in such but it got to me… yes ngiya thwasa… yes i strongly believe in God by all means i pray… Thokoza gogo?????? bhala mabhalane keh …. it doesn’t take away the fact that i am Gods creation.?? [sic]” she wrote. This is what the singer wrote when she was accepting her gift and now it is all done she has come to terms with her gift.

The singer posted new pictures of her after accepting her newly discovered gift and here is how she looks…

Im shy, an introvert and yet outspoken when doing interviews… I AM THE GODMOTHER #ayina-chorus

If they ask why? Why?…. Tell them that its human nature ‘Michael Jackson’ Good morning in the morning fam 😊 Understand two things in life- You are not money…therefore not everyone will love you You are not death… therefore not everyone will fear you. Okusalayo💃💃💃💃 #ayina-chorus

#TheGodMother #ayina-chorus I didn’t know my own strength till i had no choice but to JUST DO IT ✔

@skcoza wu’mngani wam… babazani oh!!! #ayinachorus #TheGodMother This guy is so talented… i can’t wait to do a song with him… if didn’t know…now you know😎

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