Prophet Shepherd Bushiri gets very angry, 'deports' his Malawian employees from South Africa


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is sending back some Malawians working for him in South Africa and also cut on Malawi charity programmes, Nyasa Times understands.

Bushiri who is leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering’s (ECG), one of the fastest rising churches in Southern Africa and runs number of businesses, is said to have come to such a position after observing a series of continued attacks from Malawians despite his benevolence.

Uncomfirmed reports indicate that Bushiri feels under appreciated for all the great things he does for his country and his people.

Apart from the normal charity programmes in Malawi, the man of God claims he helps tens of thousands of Malawians in South Africa with small loans, job opportunities at the church, school fees, monthly stipends, and also help during funerals and sicknesses.

Asked to confirm the development, Bushiri’s commumication director Ephraim Nyondo said he is yet to get an official position but his office is currently advising the Prophet to reconsider his benevolence on Malawians.

Nyondo retorted at Nyasa Times for “fishing out on negative publicity” against the prophet.

“Prophet Bushiri is doing so much for Malawi. However, its shocking to note how, instead of being celebrated, he is attacked and slewed like a criminal. A lof of people here in South Africa come to him for help. He literally subsists so many. Nobody talks about it, even Nyasa Times and other media don’t write about it. But when something wrong happens to these people, all the blame goes on him. Why?” said Nyondo.

“The death of James Nee, Beston and Brain is a case in point. Prophet Bushiri only knew James [the church worshipper]. The other two were neither employed by the church nor had a special connection with the church. They were just members of the church. But when an accident happened, Prophet Bushiri took the responsibility of meeting every rising cost. Instead of being appreciated for it, people from Malawi are leading in attacking him. Is this fair?

“When he gives maize, he is blamed for missing albinos. When he gives money to national football team, he is blamed for causing deaths. When he helps people with fees, he is blamed. Really? He is also a human being. He feels pains. He feels bad. That is why my office is advising him to cut back on Malawians.”

Nyondo further said: “We really want him to concetrate on countries and people that appreciates his benevolence. He should be cutting back on Malawi. I think this is best thing he can do now.”

Bushiri on Saturday missed the wedding of his in-law and gospel rapper Gwamba to Mukondi in Lilongwe as he was mourning the death of church worshipper James Nee and his friends. He visited the family of Nee in Lilongwe to mourn with them and conducted a comfort service.

Despite criticism he has been gettion social media platforms, discrediting him as a false prophet and a satanist – the negative tags mostly attached to any successful Malawian- Malawi government is now embracing Prophet Bushiri and President Peter Mutharika delegated Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu to represent him at the cleric’s recent crusade at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

Tembenu said President Mutharika is “exceedingly delighted” with Bushiri’s ministry work. He added that President Mutharika also appreciated Prophet Bushiri’s humanitarian work in the country.

The Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister said Malawi government shall always protect the right of religious bodies and institutions to practice their religion freely and without let or hindrance.

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