Seven Reasons Why She Won't Sleep With You


According to some very questionable statistics, it takes a woman only 30 seconds from meeting a guy to know if she’s ever going to sleep with him.

So how do girls make this decision in such short time? Here are reasons

Confidence: Every woman knows that instant attraction you get when a confident man approaches you and says hi. A confident guy is perhaps the most attractive thing in the word.

His Words: Gawd, we all hate that guy who approaches us but cannot string together a correct sentence.

Appearance: When I say appearance, it’s not necessarily just about the looks (although, that doesn’t hurt). It’s the way he dresses, his style, his cleanliness (or lack thereof) and his scent- yes, his scent.

Sense of Humor: Every girl simply wants to laugh.

Be Romantic: All the jokes in the world would only keep you in the friend-zone if you don’t do something that makes her see you in a romantic light.

Be Real: Don’t be afraid to talk about the things you’re not good at, and even better, if those are things she’s good at.

Listen to her: ‘Nuff said.

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