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7 other S E X positions better than D0GGY


It is one of the most popular and rewarding positions, but you don’t have to do the same thing for the rest of your life. Here are other options that serves the same purpose.

It may seem like it’s difficult to top doggy style, not only because of how popular it is but also about how rewarding it is for both parties. Porn movies both amateur and professionals haven’t helped either as they’re go to position is the doggy style because of this, it might be difficult to see another position better than the doggy position but it’s not true at all.

To solve this problem for all of us Jamie Hergenrader, Women’s health created a list for all of us.

1. The View From The Top

The View from the Top Position
It’s like one of those very good positions that you can explore in the car, passenger side or the back seat. The guy is sitting on the edge of the bed or chair or wherever you’re are, then the lady lowers herself unto his laps at such an angle that the penis can penetrate the vagina. The position is good for the lady as she can control the darn thing, using her feet to prop herself higher or lower over the penis. “This position is great for female control,” says sexologist Megan Stubbs, Ed.D.

2. The Snuggy

The Snuggy Position
It resembles the small letter t, also similar to doggy style but not because none of the participants are on their knees, they’re both on their feet. The lady bends at the waist while the guy enters her from behind. This position is so cool because it brings in the heat of the moment sort of things, let’s have sex now type thing. This version screams “gotta have you now,” heat-of-the-moment passion, and the angle offers even deeper penetration, says Stubbs.

3. The Miss New Booty

The Miss New Booty Sex Position
Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing position for the ass guys. With this position, booty rub can be brought in. The lady places her hands on the floor, and the guy pulls her waist into himself while he sits in between her legs, the legs on either side of his waist, it’s as described in the picture above. Like I said, its quite interesting for the guy especially if the lady is blessed in the booty department, also there is a chance of anal play if that sort of thing interests you and your partner.

4. The Soft Serve

The Soft Serve Position
A romantic position for lovers, just like the usual spooning position where he is behind you, let her move her knees a little higher, and the guy penetrates from behind. This is way better for your intimacy than the doggy position.

5. The Pop The Trunk

The Pop The Trunk position
Quite similar to the doggy style but way more intense. The lady lies on her belly, with her hips raised, then the guy penetrates. The big advantage of this position is that the legs are closed, penetrating this will give the illusion that the penis is bigger than it is during penetration.

6. The Jumpin Jumpin

The Jumpin' Jumpin' Position
This position is quite similar to the double seater. The guy sits on a plain surface, then she lowers herself into him, she is backing him. In a way, it is looking like a reverse cowgirl except his back is up and not against the last surface. With this position, he can give the boobs so love and attention.

7. The Start Me Up

The Start Me Up Position
One of the most difficult position, it requires so much physical exertion of the part of both parties. The lady is on all fours then the guy picks up the lady by her hips, with the legs wrapped around his waist for support.  This is definitely the extra workout you wanted to bring into the bedroom. Goodluck!

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