Tips To Move From kiss-zone To S.e.x-zone Without Getting Slapped


 Some people have gotten slapped while trying to transit from kissing to s*x. It is either they either went about it the wrong way or their women were just not ready.

Learn how to do it right with these 7 tips:

A smelly kiss will get you nothing but disdain. Brush your mouth well and maybe chew some mint or rinse with a mouthwash before trying the kiss!

The ambience is as important as breathing. A soft-sweet setting is more likely to soften a woman’s resolve and let you beyond the kissing zone. Play soft, s3nsual music.

Slow and steady wins the race. Rushing will get you nowhere so go slow and steady.

Don’t be a sloppy slob, get creative. Spraying saliva on her face or getting glued to her lips is disgusting. Explore other er0.genous zones. It’s more about loving her body than actual s3x. You should not be too much in a hurry to put your hands into her skirt or grab her b0.0bs, butt0cks or v*g-ina. Just keep placing soft kisses, trail your fingers on her body, whisper into her ears and act like you just want to worship her body.

Wait at the traffic light … GREEN is for “Go”. Don’t jump the gun and spoil your progress. Take all the time to get her primed and she will give you the green light by making a move.

No means no. Though it’s not always that a woman actually means “NO” when she says so, but a gentle man should be able to link her words with her body language and act accordingly.

You don’t demand s3x. You earn it by doing the right thing and making the right moves.

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