Rapper Nasty C speaks on his secret love affair with young girl Sammie


Rapper, Nasty C is beginning to let us in on his very secret relationship.

The rapper and his girlfriend Sammie, only went public with their relationship this year, but they have been together since high school.

And the reason for all the secrecy, says Nasty, is because he wanted to protect her from the monster that is fame.

Nasty spoke to TshisaLive about his romantic affairs and why they have now gone public.

“Before I didn’t wanna do none of that because she was still in high school and in matric too. I didn’t want to do that to her‚ you know distract her. Plus I was still kind of blowing up and it was hard for me to adjust‚ so I wanted to give her time,” he said.

He also told the publication that his girlfriend, also known as Sammie, has now embraced fame and all it comes with.

“She’s cool now and understands that she’s a part of it. She’s blown up too now. Since we’ve kind of went public‚ she even gets stopped for pics and stuff and she smiles and takes the selfies,” he said.

The rapper also told the publication that he’s been rapping about their relationship since his Bad Hair days and he wouldn’t even warn her.

“The only time I did that (rapped about the relationship) without talking to her first was during Bad Hair days. She was a bit upset I did that. But with Strings and Bling I spoke to her and I played all the music for her to listen to before other people and she loved them. She plays the music all the time,” said Nasty.

– Daily sun

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