My boyfriend wont cheat on me, I can do whatever I like: says Zodwa Wabantu


Zodwa Wabantu took to social media to thank her Chris Brown look-alike bae for staying with her despite her busy schedule when he could easily get himself another girl.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE she was happy that she never felt like she had to choose between him and her many gigs because he was an understanding boyfriend.

"I'm happy because he always waits for me. I know that he's a fine man and that he wouldn't actually struggle to find a less busy girlfriend or even just anyone else but he waits for me. Like now, I was in Dubai and my male colleagues, like the people I work with like Naakmusiq and them, they could make any man insecure but not him. He knows I'll always come back to him as long as he's waiting for me."


Zodwa said she believes that both she and her boyfriend could easily cheat on each other if they wanted to because of her work schedule and how handsome he is.

She said they both knew that "fact" but choose to stay with each other and continue making each other happy.

"I am free to be who I am without any compromise when I am around him. That is refreshing and is part of the reason I treasure him like I do. When you are free to be real, that is when you are at your happiest."

Zodwa wo just returned from doing gigs in Dubai said she had the time of her life over there. She also documented her time there on social media, calling to attention the fact that she wasn't dressed in her usually revealing outfits.

The entertainer explained she had read about how conservative they were and because they didn't make it a point to want to "force" her to dress in a certain way, she made the decision to dress "nicely".

"They didn't keep calling me to tell me that I need to dress decently. It was my first time there and I didn't want to burn bridges so I made the decision alone that I would dress as appropriately as I could. It wasn't too revealing but I also wasn't too covered up."

-Times Live

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