Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba speaks on deadly disease she is suffering from


Pictures of celebrity Sophie Ndaba have been circulating the internet, with many people expressing shock at her appearance.

But Sophie Ndaba has responded to the country.

“I made my weight loss choice. I'm proud of it,” she said!


Sophie recently took to Instagram after many people suggested that pictures of her having lost weight meant that she was sick.

She addressed her weight loss and dealing with diabetes.

“Living with Diabetes doesn't mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this deadly disease,” her post read.

“I started my weight loss journey because I was obese and it affected my health. I made a confident choice to start eating well and lose weight.’

In her post, she said that her choice to lose weight served as encouragement for those struggling with obesity.

“Don't worry what people think even if they will think you're dying. Being overweight landed me in hospital. I made my weight loss choice. I'm proud of it!” she said.

Sophie also noted that diabetes is a silent killer.

“Some people sadden me because I have lost both my parents through Diabetes I nursed them so I know this killer disease. It’s real. No joke,” she said.

“Our fellow sisters and brothers commit suicide because of pressure of what you negative heartless people think. I stopped worrying what any negative person thinks long ago. I'm fighting it daily to live for my children and family.”

 – Dailysun

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