Reasons Why You Should Stay a V!RGIN Until Marriage


Virg!nity is more important to men than women would admit, cuz we all know that virg!ns are of higher value than slu_ts.

Now here are the reasons u should wait till after marriage:-

1) It will be hard to say No:- Once you've had se_x, it will be hard to say No when an opportunity presents itself again, and if ur already the kind of person that has a problem with self control, you will find urself behaving like a sl_ut and your're more likely to cheat. Virg!ns on the other hand won't cuz they dont know how it feels and you can never crave what you've never had.


2) You wont bond as strongly from the se_x act:- a lady who has gone through all the guys in her street will find nothing special about the next guy in line. Virg!ns will bond like super glue to the first guy that deflowers them. The love will be so strong, she will look up to him like a king.
[this is usually why a girl will always call you, text you all the tym, and say you don't love her any more cuz u've used her, if u dont do little things for her or call her every day, she'll say this cuz she's afriad of losing you]

And so men, for very ancient biological reasons, prefer to marry virg!ns. This is as unchangeable as the fact that women perfer "high status men". Of course nothing Good comes without its costs, female virg!ns are really hard to find in morden society, but few secular men are willing to sacrifice the good times of non-marital se_x for religious purposes and better chances at bagging a virg!n. So they suck it up and tell the slu_tty SWPL (s'tuff white pple like) what they want to hear

"No really babe, i dont care how many guys you've been with,
its all in the past now"
………… All the while dragging and dragging their feet on the marriage proposal.
Now some men fear the inexperience that virg!ns are likely to bring to the bedroom, bt this is a minor concern as a lady's se_xual inexperience is quickly and easily overcome as long as she has normal se_x drive. After all se_x is not further maths neither is it rocket science. A few weeks of non stop se_x (when you are married that is) with a virg!n and she will know all the things that a person should know how to do when having se_x.

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