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8 reasons why you should bath with your sister. Number 6 will shock you


1. It’s sensual

Showering together is probably one of the most sensual things you’ll experience in your life. It’s all about thinking a little differently and being opening to new things.

2. It’s great for private conversations

Being trapped into the small shower space is a great boost for conversations, especially since there are no other distractions. You can discuss anything under the sun. It’s a great space for private communication. Make sure you lock the door for optimum alone time. A lot of people say that their best conversations have happened in the shower. It’s also a great way to talk it out after a fight!
3. It relieves stress

Showers are known to be relaxing places, and sometimes, during a long day, we await taking a shower desperately. A When work is killing you and you’ve used up all your vacation days and you don’t even need to leave the house. Perfect!

4. It’s a no-effort date

You don’t always need to go to an expensive restaurant to have fun. For those days, a relaxing shower together can be a beautiful thing. Tidy up your bathroom, put on some nice slow music, turn off the fluorescent lights, and switch the mellow lights on, and enjoy your evening.

5. It’s easier to let someone else scrub your back

Hygiene is important! This is more of a practical rather than a romantic reason, but it really is easier to clean when someone is helping you. Try it to believe it, but I promise you, it’ll change your life. Oh, and the shampoos you love when you go to a salon to get your hair cut? Imagine that, every day.

6. It makes you comfortable with your body

Everyone has insecurities and body image issues. We all have certain things about our body that we’re not very happy with, that we want to change. Perhaps your thunder thighs and rounded belly make you cringe, and you always hide those things from your partner. Well, showering together will help you be less self-conscious about your body.

7. It removes all barriers

A shower is a very private act. So, more than anything else, showering together helps you create an unshakable bond.

8. It’s fun

Ever explored your partner’s playful side? You should! Even something simple like splashing water.

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