10 good reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend


The dating process is so exhausting … you chat for three months with a potential guy you met at a networking cocktail and the first date is all things bliss, well that’s because you’re both hiding your inner demons.

When you finally decide to become an item, two months down the line, the red flag sensors are on like a mother!

Deep down, we always know how we truly feel about someone we are seeing.
If you’re in the relationship for love, then you should be getting goosebumps when you look at your partner and feeling loved and in love. Otherwise, you should stop wasting each other’s time and move on to other people.
Here are good reasons to break up with your partner:

1. Infidelity
There’s no excuse to be with someone that cheats on you.

2. Different relationship values
You want kids, he doesn’t. You want to get married, he doesn’t. Most important, the touchy religious subject.
If you’re required to change your religion to be with him and you don’t want to, don’t bother yourself or waste each others time.

3. Financial strain
It’s important to mention that money and material wealth don’t matter when two people are in love; but let’s not forget that if you plan to start a family together in the future, the kids will need to be fed and attend school. Eeer, love is not going to feed them. You need to be with someone who is financially stable or one who is at least working towards achieving goals that he has set for himself. So am I saying that you should break up with your guy if he is broke? Well if he just sits there waiting for manna from heaven…run girl run!

4. Physical or emotional pain
You’re no punching bag for anyone!

Lack of happiness
Many times, we tend to get into relationships for the wrong reasons, eg. loneliness or financial security. If you’re not happy three months down the line, you won’t find that happiness. Go out there and get your ‘Mr. Bean’.

The relationship has run its course
You have been together for over ten years, you have a child together but you feel washed out, bored, the love is dead! You want out…it’s not too late to start over with someone else.

Bedroom matters
Life is too short for bad sex. C’mon! It’s one of the few life pleasures that leave you feeling pretty content. Why should you settle for someone that finds cunnilingus disgusting yet wants his share of fellatio? Double standards!

He’s got issues
Issues such as alcohol and drug addiction, he’s not right for you and you’re not going to change him; unless you’re all about that Amy Winehouse lifestyle, then knock yourself out.

He’s not from your home country
Falling in love with an expat is tricky. He could be just a tourist visiting the country for a while or working on a one year contract and such.
The question you need to ask yourself is ‘Is this going anywhere?’ if the person is not willing to stay for good in your country and is not open to discussing what your options would be, then there’s absolutely no need to waste your time.

There’s a new catch
Women are like mannequins on display at a designer clothes shop. We still get noticed by other men; so if your man is not treating you like the Nefertiti you are, it’s only fair that he sits down so that another man can notice you!

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