9 Signs of mental disorder, most of you are going through this


Our mind is one of our most prized possessions. It is the driving force behind everything that humans have achieved. But in the race of moving forward, the things left behind are getting complicated making life of a normal human difficult. The world today is filled with so many things that at some point of time, a mind is bound to malfunction and lead to complication in one’s life. There are several signs that depict that a person has mental difficulties and needs assistance.

9 – Have a hard time doing general activities and surviving life

One of the primary signs of being mentally ill is the inability to do day to day work without any major problem or complication arising from it. Ever had the feeling of an inability to cook a simple French toast for breakfast? This is caused to due to change in certain aspects that once were frequent, enabling the mind to get accustomed to it. Sudden change or removal of any element can cause disruption in the mind causing difficulty or inability to complete the same tasks with equal ease.


8 – Increased Mood Swings

One of the most notable signs is the increase in the frequency and magnitude of mood swings. Imagine a person is happily talking to you and suddenly a sad song comes up and in no time, he/she turns to you with flooding tears and starts telling you a story that is meant to kill the vibe as quickly and painfully as possible. The next thing you would do is book an appointment with the nearest psychiatrist unless you have the problem. In that case you reach an impasse. Mood swings might be a part of life but sudden mood swings can be a sign of mental problems.

7 – Opting Pessimism and negativity as a habit

A person who is suffering from some kind of mental problem would never look at things from a positive perspective before moving on the negative side. While a normal person would look at a puppy and let out a huge ‘aww’, a person with mental problems would wonder why it didn’t get bludgeoned to death by a speeding car crushing its bones, intertwining its arteries with the intestine and annihilating its carcass to a state where it is beyond recognition. A person who has lived through a really traumatic phrase continues to be in that state. He/she looks at every situation through the same perspective hence failing to gain some positivity in life that might actually help better the mental situation.

6 – Frequent Anxiety

Fearing failure and humiliation in very simple situations in life can be a sign of mental disorder. The fear stems from a root cause that is generally related to a past experience which has not yet left the conscious side of the brain. The trauma continues to haunt the person constantly hindering the way he/she perceives different situations in life. Frequent fits of fear and anxiety are a proper sign of a person needing mental help and guidance.

5 – Inability to leave the past behind

Clinging to the past is a very common sign of a disturbed mind. An unfaithful lover, a failed business, underachievement in exams, there are many bad instances that might occur in one’s life. A weak and disorganised mind doesn’t show signs of acceptance and continues to live the trauma of the past expecting it to change over the course of time. But in reality the possibility of the past changing is the same as Frankenstein going to Oktoberfest in his swimsuit singing the Nazi Anthem.

4 – Sudden Emotional Outbursts

As the sub-heading says, if a person wants a one on one street fight just because you disagreed with his place to eat, then there is some mental problem involved. Sudden rush of emotions in any situation is never healthy because it affects the person as well as the surroundings and in no way is useful in making the situation better. Not only sudden fits of rage, but crying one’s guts out without a legitimate reason and stimuli can also be a sign of something wrong in one’s grey matter.

3 – Addiction to intoxicants and other ills in a short time

Ah! the classic sign of a mental problem. This self-evident indicator of a disturbed life is one of the most common and reliable sign of knowing and judging a person’s mental health. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction and many other habits that stem from the unorganised thoughts of the brain are acquired in a short period of time. If one says ‘Pass me the bong’ more often than ‘Thank You’, then there is something wrong.

2 – Rejection of life

This is another sure shot method of ascertaining a person’s choice of prioritising his/her past over the present and future. Due to it, the thought of ending one’s life also enters the picture and it always ends up messing more than it was thought to solve. Comparing one’s life to another life or the life of the past is never a good idea and causes the brain to stop making fruitful decisions.

1 – Insomnia

When the brain faces problems during its functioning, it is reflected in the functioning of the body. People with high mental disorders get less sleep due to the fact that their brain doesn’t accept easily their different and extreme approach to life.

If you project 4 or more of the above given symptoms, then it’d be a good idea to seek mental help as soon as possible.

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