Latest on Skolopad's suicide attempt after having a serious argument with a workmate


Socialite Skolopad returned to work for the first time since suffering a traumatic breakdown and overdose a month ago.

While in recovery, the star has been seeing a psychologist and getting medical check-ups to make sure the incident does not happen again. After several tests she was declared fit to return to work and started on Monday.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Skolopad said that after the heated argument her bosses had decided to reassign her to a clinic.

"I am working in a new department now. My psychologist diagnosed me with severe depression and this new environment is really helping. I have no colleagues. I am happy with how everything has turned out so far. I am still under the same boss but it is okay because at least I am back at work."

Skolopad sent her daughter to go live with her mom shortly after the overdose and said her family did not know the full extent of her breakdown.

"She is okay. She doesn't really know what happened because she doesn't have her phone. I saw her on her birthday but I haven't seen her since."

And while she misses her daughter everyday, Skolopad says she is working for their future.

"Dancing and singing is something I do on the side. I don't depend on it. I only depend on my job and I love it. I can't be twerking forever."

Skolopad was also hospitalised with a nervous breakdown in 2017 but said she was now in the right space mentally.

"Therapy helped me. I now know how to deal with situations that may come. I know I have to stand my ground and face it head on."

In an exclusive interview last month, Skolopad said she was receiving counseling and insisted that the incident was not a suicide attempt. She said she took the pills because she wanted to "rest for a long time". However, sources at her workplace told that indeed it was a suicide attempt as she has thought about killing herself in the past.

The entertainer, who burst into the spotlight last year as 'the lady in the yellow dress,' has been trying to make a name for herself as a singer, but things have not been going her way.

Skolopad, who is also a registered nurse, said that things weren't going smoothly at work either and it was just all too much for her to handle.

She said that after the argument with her colleague, her mind went into overdrive and she decided to take "a couple of pills" so she could just sleep.

"When I got home, I took some pills. Mostly anti-anxiety pills but pills that I had. It's pills I usually take when I am angry and need to calm down, so I took a couple of them."

Skolopad admitted that she had contemplated taking her own life in the past but insisted that this was not the case this time.

"I feel like I need to rest for a long time… even if it's forever. Yes. I have wanted to die many times before. I have attempted to jump off the hospital roof top. I just didn't make it. This time I just wanted to rest."

Skolopad explained that she was trying to move up the ranks in her nursing career but no doors were opening.

She said the disagreement with a fellow matron was the last straw for her.

"I was really, really hurt. I cried a lot in their presence but they told me to rather go back to the ward and work or go home so I could calm down. I asked them to resign because I feel like nothing I ever ask for at work is ever approved. I have asked for so many things, things that really matter and have merit where my job is concerned but I am constantly shot down or made empty promises. What have I done wrong as a nurse? Nothing."

Skolopad said she was seeking professional help for her mental health and constant feelings of hopelessness by talking to a therapist.

– Tshisalive

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