Mshoza paid her own lobola? She gave her mother's inheritance money to hubby Thuthukani Mvula


KWAITO star Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi (35), has been making headlines regarding her court cases with her husband, Thuthukani Mvula. The recent news is that Mshoza allegedly gave Thuthukani her mom’s inheritance money after she passed away.


“I gave Thuthukani money after he had paid lobola for me. I didn’t think much into it because technically we were married then. I was a good wife lending a helping hand,” Mshoza says.

The star denies that she gave Thuthukani the money to help him cover the lobola negotiation amount. “Why would I lobola myself? I gave Thuthukani the money because he told me that he wanted to use it for trading. I was just being a good wife,” she says. Mshoza refused to mention how much money she gave Thuthukani. “That is personal. I can’t talk about that! I still have to tell them the news. I'm tired of talking about my ex-husband. He is the breadwinner at home and I don’t want to jeopardise that,” she says.


However, the kwaito star mentions that as much as she still wants the best for Thuthukani, she will not drop the case she opened after her husband allegedly burned her clothes and attacked her.

“I will not drop the case. I love my clothes and I want him to pay. When I did my calculations, the value of the clothes he burnt amounted to R600 000,” said the star who recently released her album titled Ayina Chorus.


The kwaito star mentions that when Thuthukani called her a recently, he asked her how she felt about him. She responded by saying that she still loved him but would never get back with him.

“I won’t lie and say I no longer love him because I still do. I still care about him, but I just don’t see myself going back to him. Our breakup is still very fresh. So I can’t say I have lost all my feelings towards him. This person was my husband and we had been together for three years,” Mshoza says.


“I am happy where I am, I hope that my current relationship will be my last,” Mshoza says.

The artist didn’t want to divulge much about her love life as she said it was private and she wanted to keep it that way.

“I don’t want to talk about my love life because every time it’s in the public platform, something goes wrong.” There have been allegations that Mshoza had an altercation with her new lover which she denied.


“I have taught myself to channel my pain into my music. I am dedicated to building the Mshoza brand. Soon everything will be back on track as I am trying to bring my life back to order,” the kwaito queen says. Mshoza says she wants to focus on her mining business called Visho.

The star has opened a case of assault, theft and pointing of a firearm against Thuthukani.

Move! tried several times to contact Thuthukani but to no avail.

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