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Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho causes storm over church tithes and offerings


Isibaya actress, Ayanda Borotho (37), shared her views on churches glorifying tithes and having swiping machines at the convenience of members of the congregation who don’t have cash. The star sparked debate on Instagram by becoming a mouthpiece to those who kept the burning question to themselves, while others thought she was disrespectful for questioning the Christian tradition.


The Bible emphasises the goodness of tithing, many small Christian communities still hold the tradition. Ayanda forms part of the group that believes that giving to God can happen anywhere. In her recent Instagram post, she expressed dismay at how people drive past the needy on their way to church, just to give out a chunk of their earnings in offerings, calling it a sad reality.

“Whilst we drive to church, we pass hungry women with their children, begging on the street for just a plate of food and we drive past many of them. People are searching for God and we deny them this God every day,” she says.

The Isibaya actress also touched on the glamour that goes in modern churches, saying churches have turned into fashion parades where people have to show up in expensive clothes and cars. Ayanda was not biased in her reasoning, she acknowledged the fact that churches do hold special services for the needy, but says they only hold events twice a year and forget them for the rest of the year. “We hold special services for the ‘needy’ once every six months and handout food and parcels. And we feel so much better. And then every other Sunday, we go back to our state-of-the-art church buildings to ‘serve’ God,” she explains.


Her views didn’t sit well with some people, some fans felt the need to tell the actress that they could do what they wanted with their hard earned money.

One follower shared that tithing was extremely spiritual. She shared that stopping by to help the needy is not always safe and used the incident where Zahara got stabbed while trying to give money to jobseekers as an example. Several attempts by Move! to get hold of Ayanda were unsuccesful.

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