Zodwa Wabantu breathes fire over her Ben 10 boyfriend Ntokozo Linda: My work doesn't allow me to get married


Zodwa wabantu is no stranger to the spotlight! This time, her hunky lover is the talk of the town, but the controversial dancer is having none of it!

Her clothes, or rather lack thereof, is usually the first thing people gossip about. That was until Ntokozo Linda – Zodwa's Ben 10, came into the picture.

But don't dare call him a Ben 10 or wedding bells might be ringing sooner than expected.


Zodwa has been so enraged by the ever-grinding rumour mill that she is threatened to go to Home Affairs and put a ring on it – if people continued judging her relationship with Ntokozo.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Zodwa said her career doesn't allow her to commit to marriage, but she is so sick and tired of this Ben 10 nonsense that she might just do it.

"I'm sick and tired of people calling my man a Ben 10. People like poking their noses in other people's affairs. He is not a Ben 10, he is my man. If people continue calling him a Ben 10, I'll prove that he's not a Ben 10 by going to the Department of Home Affairs and get married to him. He is not a Ben 10, but my man," Zodwa fumed.

The couple has been together for close to four years.

When Sunday Sun asked her if Ntokozo had proposed to her, Zodwa said: "He is a very caring young man who respects women. He makes me happy and doesn't want to hurt me. But I'm not going to respond to your question," she said.

Ntokozo refused to comment on the matter.

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