Prokid's wife Ayanda speaks out after her husband died following a week of hot sex in side chick Mandisa Mbanjwa's bedroom


She's wearing a simple dress and a grey doek, the sadness on her face is evident.

"What can I say? I have no words," she tells TshisaLIVE.

Her name is Ayanda and she was married to Linda Mkhize, popularly known as ProKid.


She's in the kitchen at the Mkhize family home in Jabulani, Soweto. She extends her hand to greet guests who have come to the house to pay their respects to the late musician, where TshisaLIVE has been allowed access exactly a week after ProKid died.

"I am very numb by the situation. I have to do what I have to do," Ayanda told TshisaLIVE.

Relatives who are in the house say they have been overwhelmed by all of the love and support they have received since ProKid's death.

Two aunts who were at the house told TshisaLIVE that is has been good to see how ProKid is being remembered and the fact that the house has been filled with guests shows that "people loved him."

"We are happy he was a people's person and we're overwhelmed with the love since he passed. It's not easy for us, but we're taking it day by day," one of the aunts told TshisaLIVE.

The street outside the house is packed with community members who have gathered to show their support to the family. They've been here since the news that ProKid died broke and they have been bringing the family food and drinks to help serve visitors.

The musician died on August 8 after a "severe seizure." In a statement released by the family on Wednesday, the results of the post-mortem were made public.

"Doctors revealed that Linda suffered from hemosuccus pancreaticus which is bleeding in the pancreas, pancreatic duct or structures near the pancreas such as the splenic artery, that bleed into the pancreatic duct," read part of the statement.

Speaking to Drum ProKid’s cousin Nhlanhla Mohlauli said: “We are feeling so much better. It ended the speculations and the wrong statements in the media that he died because of drugs and alcohol abuse. They (results) proving that it was none of that.”

He revealed that even though everyone is welcome to attend ProKid’s send-off, his alleged mistress is not welcome to attend the funeral which will take place on Sunday.

Reports that ProKid had an alleged affair with a woman for a year surfaced shortly after his sudden death was announced.

“Anyone who comes with love and wants to celebrate Linda’s life, can come to the funeral. We are black people, culturally we don’t send invites to the funeral. However, for her* the invite is not out,” Nhlanhla explained.

“Everyone had a relationship with Linda but you don’t see them going to the media to explain what their relationship was. A person like that is not a person who is coming with an open mind or who you can trust and be sure won’t cause any problems. We are asking her to give us some space.”

The hip-hop mega star Prokid (real name Linda Mkhize) died in the arms of his girlfriend, Mandisa Mbanjwa, whom he has been seeing for almost a year behind his wife’s back. figured out that Prokid died almost an hour after having sex with Mandisa in her bedroom flat. Since he died shortly after the act, and Prokid's official wife could not find any used condoms when she stormed the bedroom, it was quickly believed that the cheating lovers had unprotected sex.

Before unexpectedly meeting his Creator, Prokid had been cohabiting in Mandisa's bedroom for a whole week, leaving his own wife sexually starved.

Prokid’s wife, burst into tears and screamed when she saw the lifeless body of the Dankie San hit-maker on Mbanjwa’s bed in her flat in in the Joburg CBD on Wednesday night.

– Timeslive

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