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Somizi breathes fire as Ben 10 Mohale Motaung cheats on him with a young boy Vuyo Pan (FRESH DETAILS)


IT’S expected to be the grandest event of the year – one of Mzansi’s most flamboyant celebrities will walk down the aisle to wed the man of his dreams. And with just a few short months to go before their big day, you’d imagine Somizi Mhlongo and his fiancé of five months, Mohale Motaung, would be knee-deep in wedding planning.

Instead, the celebrity couple find themselves the centre of a scandal involving a 19-year-old. The teen is reportedly the reason Somizi (45) got into a heated argument with 24-year-old Mohale at a club recently – and why he ditched his fiancé’s birthday party after footing the bill.

The saga started with a private message on social media, says Vuyo Pan, the young man accused of having an affair with Mohale (24).

“Mohale approached me on Instagram to work for him making phone calls to 100 schools in South Africa asking to present matric dance packages to the students,” Vuyo tells DRUM.

Mohale’s company, Glam Troupe, outsources young talent to present matric dance packages to schools around the country that cost between R5 500 and R18 000. Packages include providing outfits and shoes, and doing hair, make-up and nails.

Perhaps Mohale contacted him because “maybe he saw how good I looked for my matric dance and saw I had potential”, Vuyo says. “I don’t know.”

Vuyo matriculated last year and says he understands the needs of matriculants. He was eager to join Mohale’s team even though he had no experience in marketing.

But Vuyo’s boyfriend doesn’t understand why Mohale wanted to go into business with a perfect stranger. “It didn’t make sense – it was too vague for me,” says Thabo Chiloane ( 30), Vuyo’s partner of three years.

Thabo, who has a business degree, says he and Vuyo even got into a fight about the matter. “I warned Vuyo to play far away from Somizi and Mohale but Vuyo said I was being insecure.

“I told Vuyo to do as he pleases.”

VUYO, a good-looking and well- spoken young man, says he met with Mohale, who promised to draw up a contract stating how much he would be paid for his services. “I was still waiting on the contract when Mohale sent me a list of 100 schools.

“He also loaded R150 airtime for me to start calling them for presentations.”

Vuyo had phoned a few of the schools when he received a call from Mohale. “He called me and said ‘Hello’ then Somizi took the phone and asked what I was doing with Mohale. I told him we were working on Glam Troupe and he told me to stay away from Mohale.”

Shaken and afraid, Vuyo says he deleted the messages in February. “Maybe Mohale didn’t tell him about me joining his team. I didn’t want to get on Somizi’s wrong side, so I deleted all the conversations and blocked Mohale’s number.”

But a few months later the businessman reached out to Vuyo again.

“We started speaking again a week before his birthday in July and he asked me to come back and work for him.”

Thabo says he warned Vuyo against working with Mohale.

“I said it will come back and bite him in the ass.”

He told Vuyo that Mohale “just wants to be close to you”. But the teen, who plans to study law and accounting next year, was determined to make some money and agreed to work for Mohale.

He didn’t think it unusual for his potential new boss to invite him to his birthday bash, he says.

But Thabo says he had a bad feeling when Mohale invited Vuyo to his birthday party at Montecasino.

“Mohale obviously invited Vuyo at the last minute because he knew Somizi wouldn’t be there and that’s dodgy. So when Vuyo asked me to give him money to buy a gift for Mohale, I refused.

“He’s not our friend or even a family member. Do I look like I have a factory of gifts to give to bo (guys like) Mohale?”

Despite being upset about it, Thabo dropped Vuyo off at the Palazzo in Montecasino where Mohale hosted his birthday party. “He came back hungry from the party and we passed McDonald’s on our way home.

“You can’t host a party and not feed people and not buy them drinks. Vuyo didn’t have money to buy drinks.”

Thabo says he doesn’t know what Somizi’s friends told him or what impression they got from Vuyo and Mohale’s new friendship at the party but it infuriated Somizi.

“He phoned Vuyo telling him to stay away or he’ll beat his skinny ass up. He sent him a DM on Instagram telling him to stay away. The poor boy is shaken. I’m just laughing.

“I wanted Somizi to moer (beat) him because I told him to stay away from those gogos. I was hoping Somizi would give him three klaps (slaps) because I warned him,” he says.

Vuyo wishes he had listened to Thabo. “My parents asked me what the whole thing is about because they don’t that know I’m gay.” Vuyo, now afraid his parents might cut him off, says he wishes it would blow over. “I’m not okay. “My friends know what type of person I am. It was business with Mohale and nothing else.”

SOMIZI was tight-lipped when DRUM called for comment. “We are fine, we know the truth and that’s all that matters.” He doesn’t see the need to explain himself or defend his relationship, he says.

According to Mohale, things have been blown out of proportion. “People can think whatever they want,” he tells DRUM. “My fiancé and I are good. I asked Vuyo to assist me on a professional basis but it’s clear he can’t be professional, and he read too much into things.”

However, a close friend of the couple says trouble is brewing. “Somizi stopped talking to Mohale. He didn’t attend events with him. I don’t know what was going on in that house that week but Somizi didn’t even attend Mohale’s birthday party.”

The friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says the two are working things out. “They’re posting pictures on Instagram again pretending to be happy – shame, they’re trying.”

Somizi was upset about the Vuyo thing, the friend adds. “But he’ll get over it because he has invested a lot in the relationship.”

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