Khanyi Mbau breathes fire – Speaks on 14-year-old daughter's pregnancy


Actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau and her daughter Khanukani Mbau have been making headlines for the past few days over rumours she is pregnant.


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Khanyi took to social media to slam the rumours of her daughter being pregnant, and spoke out on the bullying and victimisation she and her family have been subjected to for many years.

The actress starts of by saying she is not one to give attention to gossip and tabloids which have made fun of her over the years, as she has never been fazed by what they have to say.

“I am not one to entertain gossip especially from any gossip blog. I am never phased [sic] by anything said about me or my family, sadly it’s been a burden I have had to carry for years. Making fun of me has become a franchise,” said Mbau.

She then says being bullied over the years by the media has had an effect on her career, but she will not allow her daughter to be dragged and abused because of false rumours which were started on TikTok via an innocent video shared by her brother and media personality, Lasizwe.

“One thing I will not allow is my daughter being victimised and abused by a rumour started by a woman on TikTok @bigmmam9410 from an innocent family video posted by Lasizwe ” said the Red Room star.

The girl mom goes on to rant about how her daughter is only a child, and that it is extremely sick and demented for people to engage in any conversations about her being pregnant.

She also addresses the major issues of rape, child abduction and suicide amongst the younger generation, and says that the older generation is partly to blame because of the vile and disgusting “energies we adults put out”.

“No wonder rape, child abduction and abuse has become a norm and why stats are so high.

“Our children are in danger, the energies we adults put out are vile and disguising. We show no faith in them and don’t respect children.

“No wonder kids are committing suicide. this is a form of cyber bullying and you are all bullying a child!!! My child! and this needs to stop,” said the Happiness Ever After star.

She ends off by saying that society has labelled the younger generation as disrespectful, but believes that they have every right to be because of how the older generation treats them.

“Then you all want to say ama 2k have no respect!! How when you as grown folk treat them this way,” said Mbau.


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A post shared by Khanyi Mbau Metanoia (@mbaureloaded)


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