Mixed feelings DJ Zinhle reveals AKA wants to be in baby Asante’s life


Rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA wants to have a relationship with DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz’s child, Asante.

In the latest episode of DJ Zinhle: Unexpected, Zinhle revealed that her ex-lover and rapper AKA wants to be a part of her child’s life.

“It feels like it’s my baby,” AKA said.

DJ Zinhle added that AKA said, “Well obviously Bongani has a relationship with Kairo. So you guys can’t ask me not to have a relationship with this one”.

Furthermore, DJ Zinhle revealed that Murdah Bongz is still hesitant.

She added that he also has another child from a previous relationship but he is being more “difficult” than her ex.

“Bongani is baby steps because I won’t lie… I thought Bongani is going to be the easy one about this whole thing and I thought Kiernan would be difficult but actually, it is the other way around,” said DJ Zinhle.

“Kiernan is more open to the idea of having this family but Bongani is just taking his time. (He is ) not in a rush and I also need to respect Bongani’s wishes and how he wants to roll this whole thing out,” she continued.

She further said: “I also need to respect Bongani’s wishes and how he wants to roll this whole thing out.”

The issue trended on Twitter on Wednesday, take a look at what some tweeps had to say about it below:

"Kiernan is matured as a father. He approached this issue with Zinhle. And it doesn't mean he's going to father Asante. He just wants to be acquainted with the child coz she's Kairo's baby sister. Why must he discriminate the other one? Bongz is a new dad, he'll get it with time."

"In what capacity does AKA want to be in Zinhle’s child’s life? Men really think they can tap in and tap out as and when. He’s crazy"

"I think Bongz can be part of Kairo's life since him and DJ Zinhle are together but AKA can't be part of Asante's life. I stand to be corrected though"

CPT North GOD said" AKA must just act like any normal baby daddy from kasi and send money when its needed, pick Kairo up sometimes and take her on weekends at times. He doesn't have to complicate things between Zinhle and Bongz. I mean if AKA and Anele(RIP) had a kid would Zinhle do the same to him "

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