Master KG leaves Nomcebo Zikode in the cold – Says hit single Jerusalema didn't make any money



Nomcebo Zikode has set the record straight regarding her relationship with Master KG and claims she hasn't been paid a cent for their hit single Jerusalema.

Responding to a local Facebook user, the singer said she had no issues with the producer and had strictly been in communication with him regarding receiving her cut of the Jerusalema royalties.

“I don’t have any problem with him. I’ve never ever said anything to him besides sending out the statement which was clear that I need my money from the company, not from him, as I’ve been trying to talk to the company many times with no luck. They’ve been saying the song didn’t make any money so there’s no money. I then decided to get a lawyer to help me so I don’t know until today why he decided to respond before the company responds as he was not my boss/owner of the company but my colleague.”



This is not the first time Nomcebo has spoken about taking legal action to get royalties for Jerusalema. In July this year the singer released a statement saying she had been “ridiculed” for asking for her incentives.

“I have not been paid a cent by the label for Jerusalema despite the song's global success. I have been ridiculed with efforts to marginalise my contribution,” she said.

In response to Nomcebo's claims Master KG claimed Nomcebo received incentives for her contribution to their hit song.

“Nomcebo Zikode, can you confirm if you not yet received R1.5m from Jerusalema? And before I explain many things you guys haven't paid me for Xola Moya Wami , but you Received money so far from Jerusalema,” he wrote

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