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“F*** you and your mother” – Ntando Duma finally speaks out on viral video (WATCH)



Actress Ntando Duma has apologized after a video of her trying to defend herself against alleged “white old women”, who called her out for parking in a space reserved for drivers with disabilities, left Mzansi fuming.

In the video The Queen actress was seen sitting in her parked car when she was approached by women who asked her to move, as she was parked in a space reserved for people who use wheelchairs.

The clip, which is apparently from last year, made the rounds on social media and went viral on Tuesday.

In the now-deleted video, a woman's voice can be heard telling Ntando that she has parked her car in a spot reserved for people with disabilities, urging her to leave.

However, an annoyed Ntando hit back at the lady, saying how did she know that the star wasn't disabled herself. The actress then went off at the woman in a scathing rant, hurling profanities.

“Your mother is mentally disabled…”

“F*** you and your mother,” she said.

Caution: The video contains strong language

The video got many angry which landed the actress on the Twitter trends list.

Many felt that the star came off as rude in the video, and slammed the way she spoke to the faceless women. Fans also said the star was discriminating towards people with disabilities by parking in the reserved space.

Check out the reactions:




"Defending Ntando Duma is literally having no respect or disregard for disabled people, it's literally taking away the rights of disabled people!!!!"

"Finding a wheelchair parking occupied by an able-bodied person always inconveniences me as a wheelchair user . What Ntando Duma did is disrespectful and very rude"



After the backlash, Ntando has apologised for the viral video.

Taking to Twitter with a statement, the star said she had a reason for parking in the spot for those with disabilities, as the food establishment she was frequenting asked her to park in that spot.

“In light of a recording from last year which has recently surfaced, I would like to apologise unreservedly, as I fully understand that my behaviour was unacceptable.

“I have deep regard for why disabled parking and other facilities exist and the decision to park in that was not frivolous, as I was instructed to park there by the food establishment, given that this was a quick pick-up which did not require me waiting long or leaving the car.”

She went on to say that she didn't deny anyone access to the parking spot.

“Once again, I apologise to everyone who was offended by my actions,” said Ntando.

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