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Several sex tapes of SABC radio presenter and e.tv soapie actress LEAK, President Ramaphosa shown the videos


Video clips purportedly of an SABC radio presenter and e.tv soapie actress are causing a stir on social media, with the details, and footage, now reaching the Office of the President. Visitors all over the world are frequenting the Nu-bay.com Sites List to try and find which porn sites could have it uploaded.

The clips, which appear to have been filmed with a cellphone, show a naked woman, donning a belly ring, sprawled on a bed performing sexual acts with herself. At the end of one of the videos, the woman’s face is seen. She has since terminated her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Numerous calls to the 20-something seeking comment have gone unanswered.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said the broadcaster, which runs the radio station, are aware of the videos.

“We are dealing with the presenter to get the facts of what happened before we determine our next step,” he said.

e.tv publicist Michael Pocock said the production team was aware of a video circulating, which was reported in the media previously and had resurfaced and which allegedly featured the actress.

“Production views this as a personal matter of the actress and any investigations is her prerogative.”

Manala Botolo, acting manager for communications and public education at the Films and Publications Board (FBB), said there was no act prohibiting individuals making porn videos of themselves and sharing them privately, provided the individual wasn’t a minor.

“The Films and Publications Act prohibits the creation, possession and distribution of child pornography and those found guilty will get a minimum sentence of five years,” Botolo said, adding that a Films and Publications Amendment Bill was seeking to address the issue of “revenge porn”, distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their consent.

Manala said the board had recently witnessed a rise in revenge porn on social media.

“Circulation of such information or images creates a digital footprint that is difficult to erase and the psychological effect of these images are damaging, especially for a person who is a public figure.”

She said the bill would reaffirm the FPB’s role to protect any person who consented during the production of the content, especially sex, but did not agree it would be distributed for public consumption.

“Victims of revenge porn will be protected once the bill is passed and will be eligible to approach the FPB for recourse. The bill is currently with the National Council of Provinces for public consultations before it will be passed to President Cyril Ramaphosa for signature.”

She said the board discourages the shooting of sexual content for personal use.

“There has been repetitive instances of individuals approaching the FPB because of their personal videos being shared online. Most of the smart devices we use save images on a cloud and they can be accessed by hackers.”

Manala added that to be on the safe side, the public should refrain from creating such content of themselves.

Unhappy about the goings-on at the radio station, which employs the presenter, listener Jayanthi Lutchman e-mailed Ramaphosa’s office, asking him to look into allegations of fraud, sex scandals and unfair dismissals.

She also attached the video clips.

Lutchman said in her e-mail: “We are tired of being humiliated by a national radio station that should be upholding our dignity, pride and humility; instead it is doing otherwise and every act is overlooked.”

Some Facebook users have come to the presenter’s defence.

Neshen Manilall said: “I wouldn’t turn this into something major. Almost everyone does that for the person they love but in this case whoever did that is a jerk to the fullest.”

Rishaad Ally said: “If the video was made for her partner and he or she leaked it, that’s not good at all. With that being said in today’s day and age of the internet and instant messaging, surely one (especially a public figure) must know it’s risky to create these videos. I feel sorry for her parents, who will eventually see it and also the embarrassment it may cause them. How would you feel if you had a daughter and had to watch these videos of her?”

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