AKA was in the toilet nursing bruises when Nelli Tembe jumped – Close friend speaks; She beat him up


As tensions between AKA and the Tembe family continue to build, more information regarding the mysterious death of Nelli surface.

Last week numerous videos showing violence and abuse between AKA and his fiancée Tembe surfaced.

AKA is breaking down a door while a terrified Tembe is heard pleading with him to calm down.

This led many to believe there is more to this AKA story than what has been shared.

However Rapper AKA has issued a public statement in response to reports of alleged “violence and drugs” in his relationship with his late fiancée Nelli Tembe, saying he would not be drawn into exposing their troubles as a couple to defend himself against “one-sided views”.

Anele, who is also known as Nelli, died on April 11, after she allegedly jumped off the balcony of the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town where they were staying after the musician’s gig.

A source who does not want to be named said that AKA told them that they arrived at the hotel after his performance and a fight broke out between them. Though the musician did not reveal what triggered the fight, said the source, he sustained injuries to his hands caused by Nelli during the scuffle.

“He then video-phoned Anele’s cousin and explained to her that Anele was fighting with him and even showed her the injuries sustained to his hands.”

The source alleged that AKA then handed his cellphone over to Anele to talk to her cousin who wanted to calm her down and he then went to the loo.

He said while talking to her cousin, Anele jumped off the balcony. Her half-naked body was found by emergency personnel who declared her dead at the scene.

The source also said AKA was worried about the family’s disregard of his version of what transpired at the hotel before Anele’s death, insisting that she committed suicide.

However Celebgossip has learnt that Anele’s rich father Moses Tembe, who rubbished claims that his daughter committed suicide, has allegedly hired a private investigator to probe the circumstances surrounding his daughter’s untimely death.

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