Mohale speaks on Radio about their collapsing marriage with Somizi: He wants to be with Vusi Nova


Mohale Motaung has finally broken his silence for the first time following rumours that have been doing the rounds on social media that his marriage with Somizi Mhongo is on the rocks and they are headed for divorce.

In an interview on Power FM recently, Mohale decided to address the big elephant in the room and said they are doing fine with Somizi, "Me and my husband Somizi Mhlongo Motaung, hmmm, We are fine, we are okay," he said.

The lovebirds were once Mzansi's favourite power couple and they were completely inseparable but recently they have not been spotted together. Instead, they have been posting solo pictures and hanging out with their friends, further fueling rumours that trouble is in paradise.

When asked why they haven't been together Mohale insinuated that Somizi decided to have fun with singer Vusi Nova while he also decided to hang out with his own friends based in Joburg and they are both okay with such a new and odd development.

"I think that is okay, people decide in a relationship that this is how we gonna do things, this is the route we are going to take and it is okay"

Just recently it was reported that Mohale's legal team served Somizi with divorce paper. When asked if they are headed for divorce and that he has apparently moved out of their marital home, Mohale debunked the rumours and said he does not know anything of that nature.

"I saw people talking about divorce and I was like what? Show me, where are we divorcing, sometimes I go on social media and someone would say you are trending, and I would be like these people are talking about something that I do not even know or that I have never been introduced to. I don't know anything about the divorce and moving out of the house, I don't want to lie," he concluded.

In a lengthy video on Instagram recently Somizi addressed those who celebrate other people's downfalls and said part of that is witchcraft.

"A lot of people are going through the most, and we handle things differently like me I keep on smiling even through the fire, turbulence, turmoil because I promised myself that I will never give the devil the satisfaction, Should I die today I will never die with a broken heart, me smiling does not mean I am in denial of whatever that I am going through the time, It means that the smile is more important than the pain I have given to whatever that I am going through"

"Part of witchcraft is when you rejoice over and on somebody else's downfall, that is evil, it is demonic whether the person is sick, or they have HIV or their marriage is crumbling or they lost a job or house etc, and you find joy in that you are evil and you and satan wear the same tags to that VIP of hell"

Mohale has also been trending on Twitter after he posted a picture of him posing with a woman with the caption "I'm happy" accompanied by a heart emoji. Social media users have been questioning his sexuality again.

Although Mohale tried to downplay their separation with Somizi, however, has it on good authority that there is no more any marriage to talk about between the two.

Celeb Gossip News reported that week that Media personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung unfollowed his Ben 10 husband, Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo on social media.

The move comes just as the pair spent the long Easter weekend with their respective friends.

Somizi joined his BFF Vusi Nova at an Easter gig.

The “As’phelelanga” singer headlined at the All-White Easter Soulful Picnic at the Azania Junxion Pub and Grill on Sunday.

Mohale also spent the weekend with friends in and around Johannesburg.

A search in Somizi's social media accounts found that Somizi is not following his husband on Instagram or Twitter anymore.

See below:

Mohale still follows Somizi on both platforms.

While fans of the couple have questioned the status of their relationship lately, the duo have kept mostly mum.

Fans asked why they were not posting pictures together and were quick to note that Mohale does not wear his wedding ring anymore.

Mohale last posted a picture of himself and Somizi in December last year.

Earlier this year, Somizi spoke candidly about his marriage and hitting the one-year challenge mark.

The “Idols SA” judge, who has publicly spoken about the challenges of marriage before, said he and Mohale experienced good and bad patches in their relationship.

“It’s exactly as any other relationship, it’s got its ups and its downs and, at the moment, we are facing that one year challenge of a marriage, we are facing that and I am not ashamed of that.”

The star was a guest on Anele Mdoda’s “Anele and the Club on 947” radio show where they discussed various topics, including his marriage.

Mohale Motaung who many doubted loved the SA Idols judge from the beginning officially moved out of Somizi’s mansion around Christmas time last year.

Fans of the SA Idols judge have been speculating about Mohale’s true intentions since they started dating. Somizi recently congratulated Mohale about securing the Mini Cooper bag but didn’t post his picture.


Somizi who is 23 years older than Mohale, has apparently had trust issues with his model-husband since he found random pictures of some men in Mohale’s phone.

They have been fighting ever since they’ve met each other because of trust issues.

According to media reports and close sources to the couple, Mohale was found with another man before this one and he apologized and they seemed to have moved on.

Here is a previous tweet from a fan when she found out Mohale cheated on Somizi:

“How can they rush to marriage without fixing themselves first. Mohale was caught red-handed with another man and he apologized to his fiance and they both moved on.

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