Simphiwe Dana who recently revealed that she enjoys having sex with other women bays for Ramaphosa's cash!


Ndiredi hitmaker Simphiwe Dana has called out President Cyril Ramaphosa for apparently “ignoring” artists and their cries for help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Simphiwe, who often takes to social media to share her thoughts on SA politics and the state of the nation said was unimpressed with the president's supposed disinterest in the arts.

“I’m also quite unimpressed with how our president has ignored the arts during this pandemic. But he will be ‘shocked’ when things completely fall apart in this sector,” said Simphiwe.

The star also went on to note the similarities between the art and political fields, emphasising that working in these fields means having more than just a job.

Known for her political prowess, Simphiwe often lends her voice to conversations about the country and its governance. A few months ago, the star shared her concerns over the “authoritarian tone” SA leaders have when addressing citizens.

“I worry that soon we won’t be able to disagree with our leadership without men with big guns showing up on our doorsteps and our own people cheering them on. I hope to God I’m wrong. This pandemic is exposing a lot of ish.” said Simphiwe.

Simphiwe, who is not a stranger at all when it comes to expressing her mind, pulled a shocker nearly half a year ago when, upon being fearful of facing prejudice for years, she decided to finally live in her full truth and revealed that she is a lesbian as she enjoys having sex with other women.

The Ndiredi hitmaker took to her Twitter TL to announce the news about her sexuality, saying that she's been hiding it for too long and, even though she expects rejection from Africa, she's decided she's OK with that.

“I've been holding this in since forever. I'm gay. I know coming out means Africa will block me. But, after a lot of thinking, I’m OK with it. I’m marrying a woman, and I’ve never been happier,” she said.

As she engaged with her fans, Simphiwe added that she is bisexual and that back in her Ndiredi days, she had no idea that she was bisexual.

Simphiwe went on to share a snap of a woman who has been identified as Pumeza Matshikiza, who she said was her partner and the woman she wanted to marry.

The bio on Pumeza's Instagram profile reveals that she's an international opera singer, who sings soprano and is South African but is based in Berlin.

“I’m marrying her. She’s coming home to me today. We are so happy,” Simphiwe captioned a snap of Pumeza on her TL.

The usual trolls and the “men broke her heart and turned her into a lesbian” brigade obviously showed up – it wouldn't be Twitter if they didn't.

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