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Panty-less dancer Zodwa Wabantu reveals that she charges R10,000 per client


Lover her or hate her, Zodwa Wabantu is all about collecting the bags and living her life. No matter what many might think of Zodwa, her influence is undeniable which is why brands want to work with the exotic dancer.

Zodwa's fame was built on dancing provocatively and wearing skimpy clothing, and at first many were thrown off by her. Now, years later she is the brand that everyone wants to associate themselves with.

If you go through her Instagram page, you will see a few posts of Zodwa showing off her booty and doing some very questionable things. But, you will also see a great deal of business posts and posters advertising various businesses. You would be surprised to know that Zodwa charges R10 000 for each of those posts! Amazing right?

The influencer has worked with a number of brands including the medical institution called Herwood Medical Centre which mainly deals with reconstruction surgeries. That is also where Zodwa keeps her beautiful body maintained.

Zodwa revealed her charging fee in an Instagram post where she advertised Afro Touch salon and said, "My Hair done by @afrotouch2020 thank you…Paid Post 10k."

A few days ago, Zodwa shocked everybody when she revealed her level of pettiness when it comes to having guests around. The good sis says she does not have any chairs or furniture to sit on because she simply does not want visitors.

Zodwa says she has no interest in having people come over and she is happy with the way her home is set up. This was during her diary shoot for her reality show Zodwa Uncensored. "You know why I don't have a chair? You are not welcome in my house, you did not come to stay here. It's either you say your business, it's about work. I can't give you a chair, which is why I don't buy a chair.

"When I bought this house, you were not in my thoughts, in terms of I have to rent for you. I have to now buy you a chair. You cannot sit in my house," she revealed.

If Zodwa continues securing her bags, she might just join the big leagues in social media influencing. Currently the highest paid celebrity influencer is Dwayne Johnson who gets paid $1 015 000 (R15 million) per post.

– Zalebs

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