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I won't stop having sex with young boys: Zodwa Wabantu vows after being dumped by 2 Ben 10s


Dancer and Influencer Zodwa Wabantu might have outlined it in one of the television stations on Mzansi Tv, that she might not stop dating and enjoying sex with young boys.

It might be probably because the young ones can be easily controlled because of not having much to offer or to bring to the table on a relationship.

Most of Zodwa’s relationships are with the young boys, no one knows why but zodwa knows easy why. The relationship of Zodwa don’t usually last long perhaps is because they might be based on material things like money, cars and house as well as fame. Because being with someone like Zodwa Wabantu might come out with huge composure and albacore to seen as the celebrity too.

Zodwa Wabantu might be the happiest person in South Africa because is probably living of her own terms.

Zodwa Wabantu ended her relationship with her second Ben 10 boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi in May last year. At the time, while Speaking to Drum Magazine, the reality TV star and socialite revealed that although she had been living with Vusi Buthelezi during the lockdown, the pair have since split and Vusi has since left her home.

“Vusi, you are a fraudster I have a case against you, I opened it against you, I opened it today, anyone who sees him, I need him alive. I can’t believe I was dating a fraudster; the phone, the watch and sneakers you are wearing were bought by me. Can you please bring back what you took from me, the thing that made me open a case against you, which I won’t mention and have proof of. Give me what’s mine, I am coming for you,” Zodwa said in a statement as their relationship came to an end.

Furthermore, Zodwa said things started going sour after the break-in at her Durban house that saw robbers making away with items worth over R100 000.

She issued a statement that she was willing to pay a reward of R30 000 to recover her stolen property.

Zodwa also revealed one of the other reason for their breakup.“Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave.

Vusi is her second public relationship after her breakup with Ntobeko Linda two years ago.

After months of prep, planning and pre-wedding jitters, Zodwa Wabantu was left nursing a broken heart after her wedding was called off by her first Ben 10, Ntobeko Lind.

The star sid her wedding is off "for good" and she had broken up with her bae Ntobeko.

"I cancelled the wedding. I am no longer getting married. Me and Ntobeko are finished. We have split."

Although hesitant to share what caused the split, she hinted that fame had driven a wedge between them.

She said the couple separated about a month ago and she had hoped, even until this weekend, that Ntobeko would "fight" for her.

"I took a break from him and thought he would fight for me. But he was just quiet. I took that as a sign and so it's off now."

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