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Married Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King who is now a sangoma speaks on news that she is dating a fellow Uzalo actor


DAWN King is best known for her role as MaNgcobo on Uzalo, which was voted as the Coolest TV Soapie at the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards this year. In 2015, the star was rumoured to be having an affair with a co-star on the show, which Dawn addressed and dismissed. Three years later, the rumour continues to circulate. However, Dawn has moved on from that and is focusing on her career and her family.


Rumours about Dawn having an affair with former co-star Bonga Dlamini surfaced in 2015. Back then, Dawn responded to the accusations in the media and said that none of it was true and that society will look at a woman sitting next to a man and assume they are having ‘a thing’ when there is really nothing going on.

She tells Move! that she wasn’t aware that such lies are still circulating but she isn’t bothered by it. “That rumour is three years old and I have set the record straight. I am a tomboy and that is why I have a lot of male friends. If people started a rumour based on the number of male friends I have, in their eyes I’d be dating all of them,” she says.

Dawn, who recently joined Vuma FM as a radio host, says it’s always people who don’t know you that are quick to make assumptions. “I am an open person but that does not mean people can dictate how I live. When you are a celebrity, you are always under public scrutiny but at the end of the day, their opinions are theirs and my truth is mine,” she says.

Even though her family is based in Johannesburg, Dawn had to leave them behind to fulfil her dream when she got the role on Uzalo. Last year, Dawn shared with Move! that her family understands that the reason she had to move to Durban is so

that she could earn a living and ensure that they live comfortably. She also shared that she is constantly on a video call catching up with her family.

She gloats and says that in the past few weeks, she has been seeing her family more often than before. “I am currently shooting Lock Down Season

2 and have to be in Johannesburg three times a week. I get to spend more time with my children and my husband. The travelling is exhausting but I have to do what I have to do. I also love what I do and get to have fun while doing it. I am in a happy place and will get to rest soon,” she says.


Two years ago, Dawn got an ancestral calling and she accepted it. It was a time that was very emotional and confusing for Dawn as it came when she least expected it. Even though she has an ancestral calling, the actress says she is a Christian.

“Before I am an actress or a sangoma, I am a Christian. For me, my calling and Christianity are intertwined. I had to open myself to learning more about the African culture. The process is about me and I had to do it correctly. I relied on God to give me strength to do it right because if you do not follow it, it will bug you for a long time,” she says.


Dawn says she is proud to be part of an awardwinning soapie. “I am so happy. Everyone in the team works very hard, is dedicated and loves what they do. It’s also great that we can all still go home, watch Uzalo and see how and where we can improve as artists. When we are on set, we are all focused and try to portray our roles the same way we want the audience to receive them. We truly aim to touch viewers,” she explains.

Her character on Uzalo is one that is loved by many. She plays the role of Nkuzi's wife, MaNgcobo. Nkunzi is a ruthless thug who is involved in the business of car hijacking. The pair is successful, powerful and feared by many.

“MaNgcobo and Nkunzi (played by Masoja Msiza) are a real-life couple. I believe a lot of people watch us and can relate to what they see. We go through what most couples go through and hopefully, this will help people figure out how to solve their own problems in their families,” she says.

Dawn explains that she has been with Uzalo for four seasons and in that time, her character has been through different storylines and with each storyline, she keeps getting better and better as an actress. “What my character is going through now is hectic, but she is a strong woman. She always embraces every challenge. With MaNgcobo getting better so do I, for example, I do not have the same outlook on life that I did in season one because I have learnt so much from my character,” says the talented actress.

The Durban-based soapie, which is watched by millions of South Africans, airs on SABC1 every Monday to Friday at 8.30pm.


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