EXCLUSIVE! Somizi and Mohale open up on their marriage, cheating scandal and secret pregnancy


From the time they started dating up to now, Somizi and Mohale have faced unprecedented public criticism. They say they have never been able to enjoy their relationship in peace and have often had to deny rumours of a split. Despite the relentless public attention, the couple remains strong, united and in love

Since day one, the marriage of Somizi MhlongoMotaung and Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo has been under intense scrutiny. If it’s not people accusing Mohale of marrying Somizi for his money, it’s bloggers and tabloids accusing Mohale of using his newfound fame to get ahead in the entertainment industry, and now the recent allegations that he has moved out of their matrimonial home in the leafy suburb of Dainfern. There is never a dull moment in the lives of this couple, and it all plays out in public. Recently, Somizi came under attack for publishing contacts of journalists on social media after they asked if there was trouble in paradise between him and Mohale.

Somizi and Mohale are still very much married and head over heels in love.

“I honestly don’t have any issues when people have an interest in my marriage because I exposed it to them, but giving people a glimpse into my life doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to privacy. I have to protect my space!” the famous Idols South Africa judge exclaims.


It’s not the first time that Mohale has been accused of moving out of the house he shares with Somizi. Late last year, social media was abuzz with people sharing their opinions about Somhale’s marriage after rumours surfaced that Mohale had walked away from his marriage because the couple did not attend a dinner together.

In his usual and lovable animated tone, Somizi sets the record straight and says, “Mohale and I have never split up, but we have challenges just like any other couple out there. We’re fortunate that we have other homes to retreat to when we choose not to be in the same space, so we either go to our home in the Vaal or Zimbali.”

Mohale interjects, “It’s really easy to be consumed by what people say, but we don’t let it get to us! We have learned that we have no control over what people say and we can’t stop people from talking about our marriage. Every couple goes through a rough patch but because people have put our relationship on a pedestal, they think we can’t have problems, can’t fight or go through what other people go through.”

Mohale says what matters is that they are okay and going strong. “We try to never forget why we fell in love, especially when we hit a low point. What is important is where we want to see ourselves.”


Somizi is frank and says through experience, he has learned that it is people close to them who share the news whenever he and his husband don’t see eye to eye. “Sometimes I tell just one person and if it gets out there, I know it is the person I told. In all honesty, that is why I have mastered keeping things to myself. When you know the truth, nothing else matters,” says Somizi.

A truth he is not shy to reveal is the one everyone is after. People think that Mohale is with him for his money. Somizi laughs and and says sarcastically, “Honestly, it will take somebody who is really in it for money to stomach me. I am a handful. I am not an enabler: even my daughter knows she has to earn everything because nothing comes on a silver spoon. You have to work for things. I know it for a fact that it’s not true that Mohale is with me for money.”

He adds that people have so much to say because they have noticed Mohale’s growth. “If, today, Mohale was the same person he was when I met him, I would leave him because it would mean there is something wrong with him,” Somizi says. He maintains that there is nothing wrong if Mohale is the person he is today because of him.

“If the fact that he is Somizi’s husband has made it easier for him, so be it and I always say he must never apologise for it. He has advanced himself and has worked hard to be where he is. He could be a couch potato and live off me, but he’s not doing that. Everything we do in the house, we do it together. He works for his money and never asks me for money, and that’s the truth.”

Mohale is also an open book when it comes to this nagging issue. “People think I am after his money and I’m grateful that he has never made me feel like what people are saying is true. Instead, he has supported me and assured me that he loves me for who I am. I mean, people also didn’t understand why I would date someone older than me. I had to decide what I wanted and keep going because I love Somizi,” says Mohale.

He explains that what helps him deal with the criticism is that he decided from early on in his life that he would not allow people to dictate who he loves and when.

“I have developed a thick skin and decided a long time ago that I’m not going to listen to every dog that barks. I don’t care what people say, especially since my family has accepted me and my husband. I don’t want to stress about people out there because they will always have their own opinions,” he warns sternly.


What many people don’t know is that Mohale has an impressive background and was a successful entrepreneur way before he met Somizi. Mohale was born in Protea Glen, Soweto, to parents who are public servants. They work for the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa as prosecutors. “We lived there with my mom, dad and older sister until I was nine years old. Then my parents bought a house in Kibler Park, south of Joburg, and we moved,” he reminisces.

Mohale says growing up, his parents used to tell him about the value of education. “I had always admired medical doctors. As I grew, I realised I was more into economics and business than science. I decided I wanted to be in commerce or be an entrepreneur,” he says, adding that he enrolled for a degree in economics, but is yet to finish it

“I opened my own business, but then I struggled to juggle school and a business. I will go back this year and add marketing because of the businesses I run,” says Mohale.

Somizi says he’s attracted to Mohale because of his brains. “I love that he is intelligent. For me, looks without intelligence are worthless,” he boasts.

Besides social media campaigns, Mohale is working on a virtual matric dance and wants to expand his Instagram talk show, Let’s Talk With Mohale, which deals with issues facing the youth, and taking it to You Tube to build a larger audience. “I never thought I would become a personality. In the beginning, it used to scare me because I’m an introvert and I love my space. I literally had to figure out how I was going to let people into my space without losing myself. It’s easy to lose yourself when the fame bug bites. I decided to feed off it and grow everything from it. It was uncomfortable at first, and now it’s a breeze.”


While the age difference between Somizi (48) and Mohale (26) seems to bother many, it adds value to Mohale. “Somizi is experienced and I’m learning a lot from him, including how he views life and relationships,” Mohale admits, adding that when he met Somizi, the age difference wasn’t an issue. “It wasn’t about our age,” he exclaims. “When we had the conversation, he was pleased by my mature approach. There were never limitations and he has never made me feel that I am young and that he is older. Love is love and if you love someone, age doesn’t matter.”

Somizi says walking into this relationship, he did so knowing very well that he is over 20 years older than Mohale. “But, I don’t deprive him of his youth. He still lives his life and enjoys it.”

Every couple goes through a rough patch but because people have put our relationship on a pedestal, they think we can’t have problems

It’s evident that Somizi and Mohale have an understanding and are enjoying their marriage, almost a year and a half later. Looking back to where and how they met, Mohale can’t stop smiling. He relays the story… “I met Somizi in June 2017. His book, Dominoes: Unbreakable

Spirit – The Somizi Mhlongo Story, had just come out and I had bought it. My cousin had come from Kimberley and we saw that there was a book signing. We decided to go. At the time, I knew Somizi because we lived in the same neighbourhood, but I had never officially met him. In the morning when driving to work, I would see him going to work as well,” Mohale remembers.

“At the book signing, he signed ‘Thanks for the support, your future husband’ in my copy. We both laughed and then took selfies. Somizi requested that when I post the pictures, I should tag him,” says Mohale.

He posted the pictures after three weeks and tagged Somizi. Somgaga immediately followed Mohale back. “It was an amazing feeling because I look up to him. I was more his fan then,” Mohale admits. Then in September 2017, Mohale posted a picture of himself in traditional regalia to which Somizi commented, “That is how you are going to look at our traditional wedding.” They both laughed about it and in no time, Somizi had DMed his picture wearing his traditional attire for Heritage Day. From then on, they started chatting and eventually decided to meet.

We had our first date at The Palazzo. It as an amazing night. We chilled and talked. I got to experience a different side of Somizi from the one people know on TV. I thought he was always bubbly, making jokes and laughing, but he was actually shy and didn't talk much. At first, I was intimidated because he was a big personality," Mohale says . In no time, they hooked up and enjoyed several dates.

" We wold go for dinner, coffee and ice cream because we lived close to each other. I got to see what he likes outside of Instagram and he was open about who he is."

Mohale remembers Somizi telling him, after a couple of months of dating: " Wena! I'm going to marry you!" Well the rest is history.

The couple revealed they have plans to add a new member to their family.

" We have spoken about having children and are looking at surrogacy as an option, but that would be two years from now Somizi said.

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