Siv Ngesi speaks on being gay and how having gay friends changed him


'I love tackling things that don't fit into the status quo. Am I doing it for reactions? No, I wanted to do drag. I love drag'

Actor and comedian Siv Ngesi sent social media into a flat spin with the introduction of his alter ego, Sivanna.

The actor took many social media users by surprise when he introduced his drag queen character on his Instagram and Twitter with a video of his jaw-dropping transformation.


In an exclusive interview Siv said: “I’ve always loved drag. I’ve always wanted to get involved in drag. I watch a lot of content that is drag. Last year, I played in a rugby team that was more gay men – I was the only straight one – so I’ve always wanted to be involved in it.”

He said his transformation was due to him wanting to embody a character not many straight men dare to tackle.

“I’ve been raised around women. I was always in that world of being a woman. I’m sick and tired of, you know, I’m a 35-year-old man and after 35 years of living, you realise just how much masculinity has been flawed since the day I was born.

“I love tackling things that don’t fit into the status quo. Am I doing it for reactions? No, I wanted to do drag. I love drag and I love pole dancing. If it’s changing the status quo then so be it, but it’s not my goal."

Siv said he didn’t find it hard transforming into Sivanna as embodying a character is part of what he does for a living.

“I’m an actor. Transformation is a part of what I do. When you play a character, you never judge the character. You just have to be your character. I have to say being a woman is uncomfortable. It’s not easy.

“The plan is to grow her and do more of her. There’s lots to come from Sivanna. You might think that because I do comedy I want it to be funny but that’s not the case. I want people to take it very seriously.”

Siv said since posting his transformation, he realised that because of his hyper-masculine perception, a lot of heterosexual men were like, “actually that’s pretty cool”, which has showed masculinity seriously flawed.

“It takes another masculine man to do it for you to say, ‘that’s not too bad’. I’m not trying to be a trailblazer. I just wanted to do something I enjoy.


He also shared Sivanna joining the #BussItChallenge.

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