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Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub spills the beans on his Italian wife (PHOTO)


Popular Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub has gained quite a reputation for tracking and busting cheating partners, but when it comes to his personal life he really isn't willing to share deatils of his private life.

Despite being in front of the cameras and in the heat of the moment on Uyajola, Jub Jub has always maintained his privacy and has said he doesn’t want his personal life to be put up for public consumption.

Many fans are aware that he is married, he has never really opened up about his relationship and his wife such that most tend to see him as a single man.

Although he has been sketchy about the identity of his wife, it was confirmed that her name is Zenith Mia and the public was not sure when the two got married because the singer once had a stint in prison.

Jub Jub revealed that he met his wife while he was serving his jail term.

Zenith Mia is of Italian origin and she met Jub Jub , when she was attending an event which was organised by the Correctional services.

She reportedly comes from Cape Town.

Jub Jub said it was more like love at first sight for him and he knew right away that she was the one, but they went through a phase of friendship before they decided to take the relationship further.

"She was there before, she stood out through my prison term, through the trials and tribulations, she never judged me, she never cursed me, she never looked at me in a different kind of way."

He is on record saying Zenith isn’t with him for the fame or the money and the cameras which is why the public hasn’t seen her.

Jub Jub previously head over heels in love with songstress Kelly Khumalo but things went south after Jub Jub was incarcerated . The two broke up and they still haven't bury the hatchet and one wonders if they will ever.

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