Lexi Van slammed for breastfeeding her 16-month-old son (PIC)


This after one of Lexi’s followers commented on the fact that she felt Lexi’s child was too old to be breastfed.

Former Big Brother contestant turned reality star Lexi Van prompted moms to share their own breastfeeding stories after she shared an image of her breastfeeding her 16-month-old son.

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Breastfeeding – ❤

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Many of the stories that were shared in the Instagram post advocated for moms to breastfeed for as long as they possibly could. Others shared their struggles with ever beginning their breastfeeding journey.


“My son only breastfed for a month. He literally stopped I didn’t change my diet or took anything to make him stop and I had a whole six months of maternity leave. Was I not depressed when he stopped breastfeeding. And now he’s only five months,” shared one distraught mom.

“This is one of those joys I didn’t get to experience. Baby didn’t latch after trying for so hard and so long. Ended up expressing and bottle feeding but that’s really exhausting too. Ended up doing formula sooner than I wanted. Enjoy every single moment mama. They grow up way too quickly!” added another.

“I’m also breastfeeding my baby they so cute like little puppies when they want to drink… Don’t stop him now he’s still small,” commented user naadhirahnadz before another user replied: “He is still a baby… I stopped at three years, my son started playing with the boob and nibbling like a puppy.

“Breastfeeding is a priceless bond between mom n child. Keep it up Lexi u doing great. I breastfed my baby girl till 2 years and 9 months and she is now 21 years old,” commented kudoossherene.

The average amount of time moms on the thread seemed to have breastfed their children or wanted to ideally breastfeed them for is two years.

This age was established after one follower commented on the fact that she felt Lexi’s child was too old to be breastfed.

“@mulenga.sandra I breastfeed my firstborn till he was two! He is now 7. And I plan to breastfeed my 5month old daughter till she is two!! It is recommended to breastfeed your babies for 24months. Breast milk is packed with nutrients and antibodies which are vital for baby. @van_lexi do you girl! Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for both mom and child!” fired off user @miss_mcnamara.

“Breastfeeding all the way, this is beautiful @van_lexi you should be proud of yourself, your baby is getting all the nutrients he needs. N. B: Breastfeeding has no age limit,” said @ktz_precious__mkhawani.

Lexi, who is often vocal on social media in response to her critics chose not to give them any attention this time around and focused on connecting with other moms instead. She even offered those who were struggling to breastfeed their children some words of encouragement.

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