#IdolsSA Judge Somizi wants to quit being a gay, have raw sex with Nomzamo Mbatha and impregnate her


Somizi Mhlongo is happy to father Nomzamo Mbatha’s children if she’s in the market. Even though Somizi is happily married, like almost every man in Mzansi, he can’t resist Nomzamo’s undeniable beauty.

South Africa creates some of the most beautiful women in the world and that’s a known fact. The flawless beauty oozing out of Mzansi has men all over the world going gaga for our feisty, independent and gorgeous women.

Somizi has a child of his own of whom he had with a woman. So, there is no saying that out guy is biased in any way shape or form and he’s admitted it time and time again.

Nomzamo is not only beautiful, she is intelligent, independent and influential too. Her diehard hustle and heart of gold only amplify her radiating beauty – what more could a man want?

Somizi decided to share a saucy snap of Nomzamo to his social media and offered his baby-making services to her. Gahahaha, Somizi is a total cracker at times, this comment is golden.

“hayi sisi woza……convert me from a rand to a dollar……from gay to straight….”

Seeing the post, Nomzamo was both flattered and entertained. If there was anyone she would choose to father her kids, it would totally be Somizi. Sis is probably joking Somizi, so keep your marriage intact.

“Father of my kids. Baba wezingane zami. I choose you.”

Nomzamo Mbatha will sadly be saying goodbye to home soil once again to return to her big life back in America. Sis is doing the most and we respect her sacrifice and hustle.

This coronavirus left many stranded, some happier where they were and others not so much. Nomzamo was lucky enough to be with her family. Nomzamo has just a few days left in South Africa before she jumps on a plane and goes back to her life in America.

Nomzamo made the big move to America to further her career. While she left SA, her heart will always be here. Mzansi is her home and nothing will change that.

– Briefly

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