A love triangle in Scandal! – Actors Sheila, Ndumiso and Bra Neo share why it might not end well


A love triangle in Scandal! has viewers hooked and the actors share why it might not end well

HE’S not the kind of man people want to mess with. In fact, in some circles just the mention of Neo Mokhethi’s name is enough to send people running in the opposite direction.

Yet his girlfriend Sheila, played by Matshepo Maleme, is doing the unthinkable. She is playing with fire and cheating on him with Ndumiso (Andile Sithole).

The stakes are incredibly high for both Ndumiso and Sheila. Ndumiso has already taken enough from Bra Neo (Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha) when he acquired a business he’d wanted, and now he’s taking his woman.

Sheila, on the other hand, is putting her life on the line. She’s already survived being kidnapped by Neo when he locked her up in his hotel room after they had a disagreement.


Neo has been a notorious gangster from his days running a casino. His reputation precedes him, but over the past few months he’s been on the straight and narrow, not doing anything illegal.

In Sheila he’s found a woman he loves and is happy to settle down with. What she’s doing with Ndumiso could lead to catastrophic results for the two of them. What started as a simple interaction between Ndumiso and Sheila, as they were planning her birthday party, has now turned into an affair.

Jerry says Neo is a jealous man and what is happening between Ndumiso and Sheila will awaken a sleeping dragon. “Hey, uSheila umdelelisa nge ntwana uNeo (Sheila is letting a young man disrespect Neo) and there is going to be hell to pay. The problem here is that when men cheat, the women in their lives forgive them. It is grossly unfair that when a woman cheats, she is never forgiven. For men, the torture is when they close their eyes and imagine their women with the other men,” Jerry says.

Sheila is drawn to Ndumiso because she doesn’t love Neo 100%, Matshepo tells Move!.

“Yes, she does love Neo but not completely. She may not come from a poor background, but she’s enticed by the lifestyle Neo is able to provide for her. The kind of chemistry between her and Ndumiso is difficult to pull away from, so for her right now, there’s no reasoning involved,” she says.

Andile says it’s been a while since Ndumiso has had a woman in his life so he’s not thinking clearly.

“Ndumiso just wants to enjoy the moment. In Sheila he sees a woman who can advance his business at Chillax but then one thing leads to another. He is scared of Bra Neo but he’s not facing that fact. “He knows it’s wrong but entshont

shiwe imnandi (forbidden fruit tastes extra good). When I was reading the script, I was scared for him because he is getting himself into trouble,” Andile says.

“I think Ndumiso’s brain is below the belt and he is being irrational and stupid. Neo has changed and repented but now bayamsukela (they are provoking him). Good luck to Sheila because a mafia godfather like Neo doesn’t like to share. These two have touched a nerve that has been dormant for a long time,” Jerry adds.

Matshepo says the problem with the love triangle is going to be Neo’s bruised ego.


Andile says he’s from the villages and he knows never to do what Ndumiso is doing to Neo. “No, man, that’s not right. You don’t do that to another man.”

Matshepo says she’s such a bad liar, she could never cheat on a lover.

“Look, I’m turning 40 this year and I’ve been through a lot in terms of relationships, but I cannot lie, so I couldn’t keep up trying to be in two relationships at the same time,” she says.

When we caught up with her, she was stuck about ideas to celebrate her son’s upcoming birthday because of the national lockdown.

“He’s been counting down to his birthday, so I will have to find a way to make sure it is special even though we can’t get out,” she says.


Lockdown means the stars haven’t been on set shooting and Jerry says it’s given him time to spend with his wife of 40 years, Claudine, and their grandchildren.

“Oh, we are having a good time. My wife and I are up at 5am every morning for our devotions, then later in the morning we exercise with the grandkids around the yard. After the grandkids have done their schoolwork, we all play board games in the afternoon then we all bond again after supper. I’m really enjoying it,” he says.

Being at home has also allowed Jerry to work on his book for men, which will be launched in June next year.

“Many people, men and women, are damaged by the relationships they had with their fathers and that can be seen in their relationships. Also, a lot of males want the benefits of [being] men but the freedom of boys and they don’t want to grow up. Relationships and marriage aren’t for kids.

“A lockdown like this is revealing cracks that existed in marriages and relationships but there’s nowhere to run because people can’t leave their homes. There’s no escape and their survival skills are being called upon,” he says.

Matshepo is taking this time for introspection and to see how she can improve her life and her family’s lives.

“I have given in to this time. Yes, we need money but this is about self-love and self-preservation. We can’t take any risks. We all need to stay home for all of us to survive this pandemic,” she says.

She doesn’t have a set routine for her kids, aged five and nine, but she makes sure they do their schoolwork every day. She’s also on aunty duty to support her sister who has a one-month-old baby.

Meanwhile, Andile says he really missed being on set.

“I love my job, man. I’m with my wife and our two girls, aged four and five. We exercise together every day and we try to do some of the activities they would be doing in crèche. People need the relief from the entertainment industry during this time, but it’s also important we all stay home.”

– Move

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